MuDoll (FelixDoll) Brownies discussion Part 3

Apr 16, 2010

    1. I found them on dolk and dolls #, which is a korean site. Can anyone figure out how to order off the korean site? The price is much much cheaper on it. u_u Almost by 1/2....but I can't figure out how to enter a US address.
    2. They are refurbishing their premises until next week, I would try emailing them then.
    3. Is mu doll still selling the choco brownies? babytarragon yours is so cute.
    4. They are sold through (or from, choose the Korean Flag at the bottom of the navigation menu,) though the cocoa color happens to be out of stock today. They offer full sets, with faceup, or the blank doll.

      I am not sure whether they can accommodate a full set with cocoa doll. At the time I ordered, they were not making cocoa colored hands either.
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    5. thank you for your reply!
    6. Can you check the link? It's not working for me!
    7. I corrected the error! Thanks for telling me.
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    8. Hello guys! I was wondering if there was any way to tell if the Felix Doll is legit or not? There is one I have found second hand and was wondering how much they sell for?
    9. I haven't seen them get bootlegged, maybe because they are so cheap to begin with.

      Second hand I would say around $100 if in very good condition?
    10. They've never been recasted.

      I'd say $100-$150? They haven't been turning up used to often lately
    11. Thank you very much!!
    12. Trying to insert an image of my new Brownie, Leetha. I am so fascinated with her!
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    13. [​IMG]
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    14. Thank you!
      She is very delicate and playful at the same time.
      I really like the design of the Brownies. Unfortunately, mine came without the piece, that holds her eyes in place in the back of a faceplate.
    15. My little gang - Masha, Leetha, Ella.[​IMG]
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    16. Does anyone know who's making Brownies at the moment?

      I think that ndoll had the rights to them after Mudoll, but I see that their website seems to have disappeared :( Their English shop has been closed for quite a few months, and I was really looking forward to it opening again. I see that Dolk Station has them listed, but they have them so "sold out". I've emailed them, so I'm looking forward to hearing back from them.

      It's sad that Brownies seem to have lost their popularity. It seems that back when BJDs first started becoming popular they were some of the more common dolls.
    17. Dolls# still do them but looks like their English shop is closed. I used a shopping service to buy a body recently. But the doll before that I bought from Dolls# by email is the site
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    18. Thanks for the info! I'm so pleased that they're still being made!