MuDoll (FelixDoll) Brownies discussion Part 3

Apr 16, 2010

    1. Coming back to resurrect this thread again. Has anyone had any success hybriding their brownie with a Pukipuki or Realpuki body? I finally got a chance to play with a Puki, and the posing is just killer. I have been neglecting my Brownie, because she's just so finicky. I didn't know tinies could be so smooth. It looks to me like you could just take off the neck connector piece and attach the puki's S-hook to it, but I'm terrified to take the thing off to experiment. I'm afraid I'll never get it back on.

      Also thought about potentially modding puki hands to fit on the brownie hand stubs. Maybe a little carving out? That one is easier to experiment with; puki hands are pretty cheap.

      Here's an offering with all my questions and food for thought -- Sprinklebug hanging out in the kitchen (no doubt waiting to knock something off that shelf).

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    2. These poor guys and gals just get no love. Let’s try to get folks chatting again

      Here’s my little brownie enjoying the garden
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    3. vertefae, she's adorable! It's sad that we don't see these little ones around much when they used to be so popular. I'm still looking for one, so I'm afraid I don't have any pictures to share.
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    4. @Keri thank you! They used to pop up a lot more often than they do now. It would be awesome if one of the companies started production back up. I love their aesthetic and posability
    5. @pinkandyellow




      @VampireAngel13 did. From what I can tell, she simply strung the Brownie mechanism onto the PukiPuki body. It's a great fit. Works just as well, if not better than a PukiPuki.

      And on that note, meet Cyanide. He's a Jiny. Alien rockstar from the ???th Century. Not one of his finer shoots.
    6. Thank you, @Loptr ! Your kiddo is adorable. I'm definitely going to put this body swap on my to-do list.
    7. Hi!
      It's Olly))

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    8. Olly is so cute!
    9. Olly is adorable! I love all his toys! Where did you get his cute outfit? I'm finding it difficult to find clothes for my small comfort baby.
    10. Thanks. I sew clothes myself)))
    11. wiccy, you do a great job!

      Talking about clothes, where do you all get clothes for your small comfort brownies?
    12. Thanks

      Marina "Little Red Riding Hood"
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    13. Such a wonderful picture. Marina is so cute! Who is she?
    14. Marina is so sweet! <3
    15. Thanks. She's wearing a "Little Red Riding Hood"
    16. Ooh I so love these little people. Are Brownies still being created?
    17. Yes they are, Dolls# posted an Instagram post of a load ready to be shipped just the other day :)
    18. Wow no one has talked about these dolls in so long! I only have my Ha Ha and she is just lonely, will have to take a picture of her tomorrow. Don't want my puppy thinking she is a snack.
    19. I miss having one, they’re so tiny and cute