New Doll ::Mudoll:: Look at her, Erinn!

Mar 14, 2019

    1. Hello!

      The new 43cm BJD series FROME is released by Mudoll.

      Erinn is the first iconic BJD of FROME.

      Celebrating the first BJD of FROME, Mudoll issues 5% OFF for Erinn, by 13th Apr.





      for more update news and event --> Mudoll's Facebook
      for more images --> Mudoll's Flickr

      Thank you~
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    2. She's beautiful :) Any images of her in the snow white resin?
    3. The image of Erinn is in Natural skin color. Thank you~
    4. Yes, I realise that, but when I look at the sales page there is a "Snow White Skin" option for resin in addition to "Normal". I was wondering if I could see what resin for "Snow White Skin" looks like?