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Multi-Style Family

Jul 25, 2016

    1. Hello! Couldn't find anything close to this here... But perhaps I'm just not good at searching. Anyway.

      My question to you all is: do you have a close family with different sculpt styles? For example, I want a IH JID Sierra, and her best fiend would be a Little Monica Elena... Elena's eyes are just so much bigger than Sierra... Would the difference look odd? I want them all to be close to the same style, and normally I'd just stick with Iplehouse, but LM Elena captured my heart.

      I feel it's one thing to be different sizes in one family, and another to mix styles. Can a MNF Chloe "blend in" with an Iple family? Etc.

      Obviously if you have a JID and Little Harmony sculpt together for a photo, I'd be beyond elated.
    2. I mean.. In my opinion, I don't think it really matters. Every human looks different, so why not dolls? I think that the variety would make your family look nice :3nodding: but if you aren't looking for that, I'm not completely sure what to tell you. If you want two different dolls that don't have too much in common physically, you could always mod the sculpt, give them similar clothing styles, similar faceups, etc. I'm not an expert haha :XD:
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    3. I have an Iplehhouse SID Soo and an Angellstudio Baining head on a DC body. I agree with what Plantgauze says. every human is different and I like to think the same goes for dolls.
      Here is a picture of my Iple and AS together. (AS has the rather large eyes and Iple the smaller)
      AS left, Iple right. They both are wearing 12mm moon mako eyes.
      If you'd like any other pictures I'd be happy to help :)

      Personally I think they look great together. I've done both face ups myself so maybe that's why I don't mind at all. ;)
    4. It used to bother me, but now I think of it how the others have said: everyone is different.

      Also, I think that the face up can make all the difference in the world.
    5. I think variety is awesome! It might look a little strange, but like it's been said here already, everyone is different, and I personally love the pic @AllyCat posted. I was worried about the same thing - specifically worried about eventually getting an Iplehouse doll since they're on the realistic end of the spectrum and most of what I have already are kinda on the "anime" side - but I'm not worried at all now. I think they look great together. :)
    6. For my collection, I have everyone in groups. My anime looking girls (Luts, Peak's Woods, Fairyland) stay together, my Iplehouse stay together, and my 16 cm stay together. Just my personal preference, and I tend to think of them in groups. I have friends who have all sorts of dolls in together looking great and friends who have the most perfectly coordinating dolls ever. Both collections seem to go together. I think it's basically just what you like.
    7. I'm glad that my girls could provide some help. I have many pictures of them together on my flickr if you're curious. I think the fact that I put rather small eyes into Luna (my AS baining) helps balance it a little. She used to have 18mm but I definitelly prefer the 12mm now. :)
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    8. You are amazing! And you're absolutely all correct, and that's sort of how I figured it, all humans have different eye shapes and size, and both have similar body styles anyway, and both will have more realistic face ups (freckles, natural colors, etc). I'll see if I can include a picture below of pictures I put together of what I want them to look like (I apologize if they're not allowed, etc)
      Britni on Twitter

      (Hope the link works. Pictures from Iplehouse and Kohakushun on Flickr. Edited by me.)

      You all are amazing and as always, I love to see pictures of family combinations.

      In related news, I'm putting the first payment down on Elena this payday! Eek!
    9. Goodness, I'm horrible at forums. Please forgive my awful formatting. :doh
    10. @britnirose Don't worry I was terrible at figuring out how this forum worked too. It took me a year to finally understand where to look for things and how to insert pictures because it's not easy haha!

      I took a look at the picture you put together and they'll work just fine! Plus if one of them still ends up looking a little owl-eyed or squinty-eyed then there are ways to make it look better. Like I said the eye size you put in makes quite a difference and so does the face up.

      Yaaay! New dolly on the horizon! Always a wonderful feeling to know that a doll is one step closer to coming home!
    11. Like others have said, I used to care about dolls looking stylistically consistent if they were going to be near each other a lot, but eh... over the years I stopped noticing if it looks funny. XD

      Probably my two extremes style-wise are these girls:

      I think they look fine! On the left is a CP Dark Elf Soo, a very stylized anime looking sculpt. And on the right is an Elfdoll Sooah, definitely a more realistic sculpt. To be fair, I purposely gave the Sooah a more stylized faceup so she would fit in with my other dolls.
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    12. I think it depends! Even though my large eyed girls aren't in the same story as my more realistic Iplehouse dolls it doesn't bother me at all to see them together! The Peakswoods girls have huge eyes, but I think Goldie looks fine in my crew. It's about what you want in your collection!

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    13. So beautiful! I love both of them! And yeah, I think using face up and clothing style to "tie them together" is definitely the way to go.
    14. I want all my BJDs to "go together" as well! I wouldn't buy any dolls that are too different, simply cause I don't like that overly anime style (like with those anime eyes) anyways, but mixing sculpts like Iplehouse and Fairyland is totally fine!

      What would really bother me is if I had to put my dolls on the same bodies for consistency - I want them to all have different heights, different body types! Humans all differ too after all. I'm really glad that it works rather well to mix and match companies!
    15. Most definitely agree, I like that the Iplehouse bodies are so glamourous and more "human" shaped. But then the Little Monica body is different yet still fits in and matches my characters sort of... Attitude? Yeah, attitude.
    16. I think that's really just going to be up to your personal preference. This thread clearly shows that tons of people think that it can work just fine, so who's to say it won't work for you?

      However, in my experience, no, I don't like the way it looks. I once owned a Dream of Doll Boy and a Minifee boy who were meant to be a couple. But their difference in scales and sculpting aesthetic was just so jarring for me I couldn't stand it, and I eventually sold the Minifee. A little time later I also brought two Latidoll boys into the group, but once again I was so off-put by the differences in styles that I sold them too.

      I don't think it's fair to say that if a group of dolls have a similar aesthetic that they all look the "same", but I do know I like my dolls to share a similar styling look. Again, it's not like they look like clones of one another (which yes, I do find myself bristling at because it feels like a jab by those defending a more varied collection), but to me they look like they're all from the same world which I appreciate. Perhaps you'll discover that you too prefer a more cohesive look, or perhaps you won't care and enjoy each doll for what unique traits it has to offer.
    17. @InkyBear Nah, I think that's fair. Most definitely no judgement here.

      1. We choose what our collection is because it's what we want, not what our online buddies want and
      2. I've seen people with like 15 MNF Chloe's who all have different skin tones and completely different faceups and you could barely tell they're all the same sculpt.