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Multiple dolls for one character?

Dec 13, 2009

    1. Do you think is all right to have more than one doll for the same character. i mean like having two dolls for one charcter like there past or present.... or something like that. i was wondering because i have 2 dolls but there both the same person*_* iam kinda weird and iam planning to get another one.....and just so happens its the same person againg i will be having the same character in 3 dolls.... please someone tell me if this is normal.... or iam just crazy.... :sweat or do any of you have more than one doll as the same person
    2. Why souldn't it be ok? I think it interesting having for example the past and future as dolls and now getting present. I don't do it myself but I really don't see a problem other than money. :sweat
    3. haha yeah the money is the problem
    4. I've seen some people use tinies as a chibi or child version of a character, then a larger doll as the current age of the same character. It's not unusual, and it can actually be quite interesting, especially if both selves interact with one another in photostories. :)
    5. yeah it is interesting there always together and look cute since there the same except age........ but sometimes i wonder i could buy other characters..............
    6. Nothing wrong with it... my Gabriel and Luc are actually the same character, the former being the adult version and the latter the child version.

      I have a friend who has a set of Brownies to be mini-versions of some of her bigger dolls, and I've toyed with getting Brownies/Pukis/Latis to be mini-versions of some of my own.
    7. Hey, whatever works for you--there's no real right or wrong way to do things :)
    8. i guess but the other one that iam getting is also an sd sized so two sd sized and one yosd
    9. My girlfriend has two entirely different head sculpts for the same doll and she swaps them out depending on her mood. It confuses other people who happen to like one or the other version better but she's happy with him. :)
    10. idrisfynn.. haha its funny iam not the only one... it makes feel better
    11. yes i have his child self and the other one i will be getting is his demonic inner self
    12. I have considered doing this, but thankfully Dollmore hasn't released a tan Kara Klum to be my Pado's older self, so my wallet has been saved there ;) That and can't really handle another SD doll- and then I would have to update the other two, so a little too crazy for me.
      But I always find it interesting when I see people with multiple versions of their doll.
    13. Yeap nothing wrong with that

      I have younger and older versions of the same characters
    14. Nothing wrong with that. I think Vampireangel13 has at least 5 or 6 different versions of her Alex - they're all awesome and beautiful!
    15. You forgot to mention that you also happen to have a couple of those in Unoa form as well, and will soon have a EID version of Kon too. ;) (whyyesIdostalkyouandyourboys)

      The thought has occurred to me to get a more adult version of Rachel. Or a chibi version of one of my other characters (who doesn't even have a 1st complete form yet). So, no, I see nothing wrong with multiple character embodiments. As long as it makes you happy, there really are no rules set in stone for this hobby. Just like aernath said. :)
    16. i thought about it once. i wanted a caracter who could change from girl to boy.
      but then i got like : NAAAAH, too much money for nothing!
    17. i think its completely normal....muh friend does that .......:3
    18. I don't see anything wrong with that at all! I think it's awesome, honestly. :XD:
    19. I have a minimee of Seifer Almasy, and a minimee of Squall Leonhart - but I also have general iplehouse sculpts to be them too. If you have the money for it, why should it be a problem? It's your hobby, so do whatever makes you feel happy!