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Oct 11, 2010

    1. Hello I've always been curious, but does anyone know of any companies that have more masculine bjds. I'm planning something for a doll and I want to be aware of all the choices.
    2. Iplehouse's EID and SID boy bodies are quite muscular- especially the super hero body. I think Dollstown's 15 year body is quite muscular too.
    3. Iplehouse has the bulkiest and most muscle-y. It depends what you mean, though. A lot of companies have more mature bodies (like LUTS SSDF, Volks SD17, Crobi M-line, Soom Super Gem, Mega Gem, and Idealian, Dollzone 65cm and 70cm) but they're slimmer. I personally find slim can be plenty masculine, yet I know that's all down to personal taste. :)
    4. Iplehouse does the most accurate musculature for their dolls in my opinion. I've never liked dolls that is actually really skinny, but with muscles sculpted on them. It doesn't look right.

      Nobility Doll's 70cm Emotional boy looks pretty good too.
    5. Iplehouse I would say...

      But I personally prefer DOD's DOT boy's new body-2. Masculine body yet not too "bulky".
    6. I own Dream Realm 70+ body, it's muscular, you may look at it here.
    7. Iplehouse, like a few have alreayd mentioned, is pretty well known for their muscle-y boy bodies right now. I also have to say, I recently purchased a Spiritdoll version II body and it's a bit more muscular than the average mature boy body.
    8. Dragondoll Uncle Body (70cm), Souldoll Zenith (70cm), Souldoll (50cm), Unidoll Real (65cm), and Raurencio (65cm) are all muscular guys.
    9. Soom Idealian recently redid their muscle body - though I'm not a huge fan of super duper muscle-ly guys, their revamped man body looks a lot more natural now I would say, so definitely give them a look.
    10. If you're looking for minis, Fairyland offers MNFs with a "muscular" build via their a la carte system.
    11. I want a muscular doll~
    12. Bishonen House have the most masculine dolls I've seen. I don't know if they sell regularly. Otherwise Iplehouse.
    13. Iplehouse Superhero or Dragondoll Uncle are the two with biceps of doom. Bishonen House has the most accurate muscle sculpts and are HUGE - 78cms. There are a lot of others that look like they have muscles, but then they have itty bitty waists or 'starvation chests'. :/

      Be warned, though.. the Dragondoll Uncle is.. uh.. masculine times three. It comes with magnetic manbits. I bought mine used and didn't know that, but thankfully the seller warned me. *facepalm*
    14. I was about to mention Bishonen House!

      Iplehouse EID's are super buff (especially the Super Hero body), and they look larger in person than on the website. Also, Unidoll and Raurencio have pretty muscular dolls.