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Musedoll BOY body - reviews?

Nov 13, 2008

    1. Hi all, I've seen some reviews for musedoll girl body but I can't find any for their boy body. I assume the resin quality is about the same, but I would like to know the engineering part of their boy body. How well does it stand and pose?

      As far as size is concerned, I know it is quite slim. But can anyone show me the body beside some other slim bodies, like Lati red, DOT, Fdoll, BBB or dollmore adam? Will the proportion be OK if this body is used for other boy heads?

      Thanks in advance.
    2. Please any comments?
    3. It stands and poses well. Not much mobility on the upper body and the head cannot be tilt much (but mobility of head has nothing to do with body really)

      Overall I feel it is a pretty good one. :)



      He can hold up his own hand without his arms dropping.

      No problem standing at all.
    4. Thanks Izam! I've been wondering about the musedoll boy body as well.
    5. Thank you Izam!
    6. In the end I managed to get a musedoll boy so now I'm answering myself:): Stands firmly, sits straight, holds poses easily. And I like those hands!
      I put a Lati red head on the body. The colour is way off, but I think the proportion is good.
      Crossing arms:
      Holding up:
      And this: