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Musedoll Ciel custom heads

May 15, 2007

    1. Is it just me or does open mouth Ciel look a little chubbier than normal Ciel?

      I think she's very cute and sweet >.<

      Love her!



    2. I'm going to order one open mouth head, I'll use it on my Customized DD project, she's just perfect for what I have in mind.
    3. Umm... she's not limited is she?

      From MuseDoll site:
      >>It is only pre-order and we accept order during 1 weeks. (14~21, May)
      We don't have next scedule for resale in the near future.

      That would completely thwart my plans for owning this girl. :/
    4. I know! T.T
      I was told that she would not be limited as well but then..SHOCKED!
    5. Haha! It was a nasty surprise!

      They made us wait for months in anticipation of the release, then BAM! You have ONE week to order her. *_*
    6. I REALLY did not want or could afford a doll right now, but I love the open mouth so much more than the normal version so I've ordered her. I have 2 weeks to pay and I'm not sure whether they want a deposit now. It looks like they do. Oh well, I'll be in dolly debt once again, she's worth it.

      Also I'm guessing they're doing an initial release to see the demand and then probably later going to release her as a standard maybe. I'd say they're trying to avoid mass orders and delays. They've only just released the white skin and a few people seem to have been selling their Ciels in anticipation of getting a WS doll. Soom did the same with Sabik and I'm grateful I bought mine then, I couldn't have afforded the second issue and there's no way of knowing when and if they'll release another basic version. I've been waiting to see what the WS Ciel was like and then I saw the open mouth and thought "that's what I've been waiting for". It's funny how you look at a doll and know that's the one for you.
    7. Anyone knows when will they release sleeping Ciel ? :whee:
    8. I emailed tham and they siad that tan musedoll is on the way! I totally have my fingers crossed I bet she will be great!
    9. I love the new open mouth but I have to say there is something vaguely sexual about it >_< sorry if that sounds pervy!
    10. Haaahahahahahaaha:lol:
    11. oh she's simply gorgeous, I hope they make this head standard.. >< and tan? I'm going to die!
    12. ooooooooooh, she is so lovely!!! I love the chubbier look to her face: and that oen mouth is so darling!!!
      The clothes are to die for too!!

      I can't tell....is that a new faceup or one of two they offer as default?
    13. I'm really surprised at this new Ciel head, she's the cutest most baby-faced doll I've ever seen! She's just asking to be loved and protected...
      But I can't afford a new doll right now either (groan...)
    14. I'm really tempted to buy her since they don't know if they'll produce more of her in the future and she's just so darn cute.
    15. It is the new cute faceup I think.
      If you look really carefully then you can see it is slightly different from the old cute faceup = ]

      edit: the new cute faceup doesn't have those little freckles.
    16. Sleeping Ciel will be released in June - with new wigs and Re-che!!!
    17. June will be the month to look forward to!!
    18. I hv more expectation on the sleeping ciel (lol)
      Hope it wont be delay again.....
      you know....musedoll is not really sticking to schedule usually...
    19. Congrats Sue,

      She is absolutely adorable! Glad to hear you ordered her. I just love her.
    20. Just checked Musedoll website and found this notice ^^

      She is no longer pre-order only!