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Musedoll Ciel Event - NOW ON

Nov 3, 2006

    1. EDIT



      Here's the notice:

      Ciel body and Makeup event

      We apologize for the delaying.

      And thank you so much for your interest.

      We will release the Ciel body

      and serve free make-up event for Ciel.

      We will notice futher information soon. ^^
    2. ciel is being resold on musedoll?
    3. Or is the makeup for the people who bought the head before?
    4. Body now for sale on Musedoll.

    5. ok guys here is what I am thinking, a DOT Shall head on a musedoll body! But which skintone of the body should I get? White or normal? For those of you who already ahve a Ciel does anyone have any idea what would match the DOT resin?
    6. It says it's only for people who've bought the Ciel head through Musedoll or Visavis. and only for a very limited time!!!
    7. So people who haven't bought a Ciel head can't buy the body?
    8. I would like to have a body or a full girl later if it's possible. How do you know that they will release a standar girl in one or two months? Did they make an announcement?
    9. No, it sounds fairly clear to me that the bodies are only for Ciel heads. Since they're doing this in pre-order fashion, they'll no doubt match your name to their records of people who bought a Ciel head.
    10. I asked them about their next dolls on their Muse line. They answered back that they had no plans yet for the next Muses, but they had a new standard girl that would be issued in a month or two.

    11. I specifically asked about Ciel on the Q/A and they replied that she will be released in 2 months.
    12. Is so wonderful this body *___________* but only fits with musedoll heads, right?
    13. The MuseDoll body is AMAZING!!!!:D So Elegant and Slim yet Curvey.... Just perfection.... This is what Musedoll has up on thier Announcments Board

      I also Asked about Ciel on thier Q&A Board and this is what they answered:

      What I gather from these two tidbits of Info is that the Ciel body that is up now for sale now is for the first Ciel head they had innicially released. That body is to match the First Ciel Head Resin, but the Basic Ciel that may be released right after the body Sale may have a different Resin color...
    14. Will the Ciels that are offered in the future have the option for makeup by her?
      Love the makeup
    15. I'm pretty sure they will... Yes, Kyante does amazing work... Every face up is like a work of art. I too love the Ciel face up they have up on the site:D