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Musedoll Ciel Re-Release

Nov 18, 2006

    1. Is the body actually the same as the two girls that were sold? thats my other question or is it shorter and a different shape? I did see a picture but couldn't figure it out.
    2. I can't get the Musedoll site to go anywhere. Just the main page comes up, with Korean or English to select. But when I click on a choice, nothing happens. Is the site temporarily down?

      Nevermind, it is working now.
    3. I was on this morning and last night, and was able to navigate the site. It seemed last night that I had to click twice on "English" to enter.

      I just ordered the Ciel body... that sale is over now, but they are re-releasing as the main post states. The body seems to be the same as the two girls Thalia and Erata, I think they're called. A mature, very slender frame with a long neck. Stylized but lovely.
    4. It will be a limited edition for Ciel?
      I hope they'll sell the body too.
    5. Anyone know if the last preorder for Ciel was limited to a certain number or was it during a certain period of time?
    6. the first Ciel order ( I think the only one as of now) was limited to a period of time.
    7. Oh! I wish this time will be the same as before, so I have chance to get it.
    8. I think they will still be selling it, but it might be at a higher price from what the description said. (it was $400.00)
    9. great! I'm happy about that, there's just not much I can afford to buy around Christmas time.
    10. YAY I have been in love with ciel doll forever but gave up after i hardly ever saw them around and they wernt sold anymore.. I also love reche. But if she's gonna be non limited =O I have a chance!
    11. Your thoughts please:
      Do you think the first release of MuseDoll Ciel heads will be distinguishable from the re-released version of Ciel heads?
    12. i doubt it-it wouldnt be 'ciel' otherwise... they would make a diff headmold
    13. Oh no not at all! The Korean artists are very well-known for tweaking a sculpt just a little bit and calling it by the same name. They might add a Re- in front of the name or may not.

    14. I'm not sure what you mean by "distinguishable", but my Ciel has a "2005" carved into the inside of her headcap. It may be that they will date the new ones as well.

      I was worried that they might change the resin shades they are using though, so I ordered one of the bodies in November that is supposed to "match" the first Ciel heads. The text on their site was a bit confusing to me:

      "It is pre-ordered to match the Ciel skin color.
      The color would be slightly different with Ciel becuse of work process"

      I wasn't sure if that was an indication that the resin of the re-release might be a different color? Or perhaps just them warning us of the possible variations in resin tones from batch to batch? That they were trying to get a good resin-match for the current Ciel heads, but it might not be perfect? Ya got me.

      They sent me an email saying the body's been shipped, though, so I'm anxiously awaiting.:abambi:
    15. Well, Thalia and Erato had metal plates on their headcaps that identified them, so they'll probbaly do the same with their standard Ciel.
    16. Thanks to all who replied. 'distinguishable'...a head plate, a permanent marking or carving, such as year...these are both great examples...trying to follow the evolution of an item (doll, furniture, etc.) and knowing which came first is a pastime for me. From one to the next, changes can be miniscule. But over time, when comparing the first version to the latest version, it's interesting to notice the cumulative changes that have taken place. This is what I had in mind that Ravendolls so succinctly wrote, "tweaking a sculpt just a little bit and calling it by the same name...".
    17. Does anybody know what the price range will be for the head? Will face-up be optional?
    18. Also to add-- Re-che will also be available in the future :D
    19. Rereleased Re-che, Ciel and... a future tanned girl? Oh my goodness I think I'm going to melt into a puddle of joy. I pray they give us a face-up option, musedoll face-ups are incomparibly gorgeous.