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Musedoll Ciel rerelease & outfits

Nov 18, 2006

    1. "Thank you so much for great interest in Ciel.

      We have received many questions about rerelease of Ciel.
      We will resale Ciel from December.

      And we will show new outfit line for our doll's body - MDL.

      If you have more questions, feel free to ask us anytime! ^^"

      So...Yeah. If you missed out on ciel before, now is your chance. :)
    2. And she will come with the new body ? thanks
    3. Here's my letter from musedoll:

      " Dear Weslie

      Thank you for your interest! ^^

      We will rerelease Ciel next month.
      You are able to buy a full set or only head and body.

      If you have more questions, feel free to ask us anytime.
      Wish you a good day~

      Best regards,
      Ciel of MuseDoll"
    4. It will be a unlimited edition for Ciel :aheartbea
      Musedoll said in the Q&A :
    5. The rerelease should be around December 20th. n_n
    6. It's the answer to my letter from Musedoll
      So we will can choose between 2 bodies !! ^^
    7. Here is their reply to my questions:

      So 2-3 styles of make-up to choose from.
    8. I asked another question, if she would be ready before the end of the year, and this is the answer they gave me on the 26th

    9. Does anyone have a direct link to the English site? Whenever I try clicking on the English link through their main site, it won't work, but the Korean site link will work.
    10. Does anyone know if Re-Che will be re-released also?
    11. Yeah, I think Re-che is also being rereleased. It says so somewhere in the Q&A. n_n As well as the modified Ciel head you see modeling some of the clothing.
    12. They said he will be released a little later than Ciel and they are also working on a tan girl for the future
    13. Double click on "English" didn't work, I have to use the link from Jen in her earlier post. Thanks, Jen.
    14. Just adding that if you can use that http://www.musedoll.com/ address as well, you'll just have to refresh the page to get to the English shop. Pretty weird, but that's how it works for me at least. o_O;
    15. I have the same problem if I go to the site using Firefox, but it loads fine in IE (though lately it seems to be working better once I updated and installed the latest version of Firefox)
    16. I use IE. Double-clicking has never worked, refreshing has never worked. Thanks for the link, Jen!
    17. I just find out Muse Doll will release their doll - Ciel and some new outfits
      on Jan. 3,2007. This message is pop up when you hit in the site.
    18. There are pictures of the Ciel on Musedoll.