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Musedoll Ciel - thinking of buying - questions on quality, posing.

Apr 24, 2007

    1. I'm wondering what owners think of her? I'd like the white skinned doll but would like to know how she poses, what her resin is like and what people think about her sculpt in general. I've seen a few comments where people haven't liked her body and I'd like to find out why before purchasing. I've had a few dolls turn up and been unpleasantly surprised.
    2. I'm only after Ceils' head, but I did find a post that you may find interesting. If you scroll down you will come across a Musedoll and Luts body comparison.


      The Musedoll bodies are long and the resin looks remarkable, but they look undernourished... WAY too thin for my liking, but others may find appeal in her slender body.

      The heads are relatively smallish as you can see from the picture in the link, but the head sculpts are so incredibly beautiful. I can't wait until I have enough for a whiteskin head! ^_^
    3. I used to have Thalia & Erato. Both of them were very good quality dolls, smooth texture and no flaws of any kind were found. Erato, was alot more pale than what she looked like in pictures. It's almost like milky white in my opinion. The bodies are beautifully sculpted but a bit unrealistic since they have big boobies, super duper long skinny legs and a itty bitty waist.

      Their poseability is pretty good since it held the poses I wanted them to do but there is one thing that they can't do. They aren't able to stand on their own! Well maybe it was just me but I tried to make them stand and it seemed nearly impossible. Also, I think MuseDoll might string their dolls too tightly. Everytime I put them away in their box, When I take them back out, their legs would be all twisted and legs would be bent. I'm not sure if this was a problem for anyone else or if it was just me again.
    4. Thanks for that. I guess I'm used to dodgy posing with my elfdolls. They won't stand on their own either. At least I know that's the case.
    5. Elfdolls WILL stand on their own if you hot0glue suede them; restringing is also a really good idea, because Elfdoll ships them crazy loose. My boy flopped all OVER the place until we took him apart, sueded pretty much every joint he had, and re-strung. Now he's the most amazing little poser ever. O_o I think Elfdoll just has very smooth resin; sometimes just sanding the inside of the joints a little to give it some grip does wonders.

      And I should get my Ciel either Saturday or early next week; I'll let you know how she poses! ^^
    6. :) I have both Erato and Ciel. Erato has the more mature body and Ciel has the smaller bust. Ciel looks good with either body but I like her with the small bust as it seems to suit her delicate face sculpt. she's a pretty little girl with long lanky legs.

      the Ciel body is very slender, especially the waist. But again, it suits her overall fragile appearance, and she can wear clothing made for similarly slim dolls like the first version Custom house dolls.

      Skin color wise, if the new white skin Ciel is the same color as Erato, she will be amazing. I have never seen such a pure white doll, Erato is a dream. a delicate little Ciel in white would be so beautiful. The present Ciel is a little too pink, and her face-up although beautifully done, doesn't stand out as well because of this. In white she would be stunning.

      Posing - I feel that the present version of Ciel poses well. She doesn't pose quite as well as Erato, in particular the wrists and ankles. However, we must remember that the Ciel body is relatively new and it is possible that Musedoll will iron out any little problems in the future.

      Hope this info helps.

      All I can say is that if you go ahead and buy a white Ciel, you will love her and never want to let her go. :aheartbea
    7. I just got my Ciel today, and she poses BEAUTIFULLY. She was strung great right out of the box, and her resin has just the right amount of tooth to it. I'm so in love! :D
    8. Oh, please do post some pictures, Honooko! I ordered just a Ciel head; I plan to put it on an older CH body-- but if the resin match is not good I may go ahead and get a Musedoll body for her. She sounds wonderful. Congratulations! :)
    9. I just want the Thalia and Erato outfits XD I saw pics of the outfits and fell in love with it lol too bad they don't sell that seperate. But I guess I can try and remake it ^^;
    10. Thanks for the information, I'm going to wait for the whiteskin version as well. I think she will be interesting.
    11. Well, I've owned for a few days a Ciel and to be sincere I wasnt 100% satisfied with her. Maybe I just like more mature and solid girls like Cp or volks ^^
      In fact...when I received her I fall in love with her delicate and sweet face but I found her too slender, too shiny for my taste... And her waist was too small :\
      About poseability...well, It was acceptable for the lower part...but the arms etc were hard to pose in my hopinion...

      Hope this helps ^^

      Edit: sorry I havent seen you were lookin' only for white skin one comments ^^ sorry!!!!
    12. I studied her body really carefully before buying, because I'm kind of picky about those shapes. But I liked her stylized figure; she's a unique shape that I was strangely attracted to. I agree her resin isn't top notch (shiny, lighter, a few bubbles), but Musedoll is still pretty small-scale, and it's still better than my new DIM boy.

      How tightly is your girl strung? Mine is a little loose, but I like my dolls looser because I like how they seem to "recline" more naturally when I set them down. Honami can hold her arms up in various positions and I'm in LOVE with how nicely her hip joints move, but she is definitely not a doll designed for precise posing, and if she's strung tight, I could see how it might cut down on her range of motion somewhat. :sweat

    13. I'm interested in any feedback on what people think of body and posing. Slender and shiny doesn't worry me, it's a change from what I own. I'm just curious as to what people think of her. If you think her waist is too small, I'll go and check out the photos, sometimes you don't notice things until people point it out. Thank you!
    14. I should add, I'm probably wanting to add "a delicate wisp of a girl" type character to my team so her slenderness appeals in that respect (even though I want the glamour version).
    15. She's the most "delicate wisp of a girl " I've ever seen!!

      You will adore her!
    16. I currently own 2 Dollfie Dreams and it was their mature shaply sculpt that first apealed to me and it is the same with the MuseDoll glamour sculpt. I just love the body sculpt. I think it she looks like she has a super model body and I am sure she looks great in clothes. I plan on buying a Musedoll glamour type as my first resin doll for sure!
    17. I did not particularly like my Ciel body, but it was edition 1. I did not like the sculpt of hands (very little detail) and feet (just weird, high heeled feet were very sausage like). She also couldnt stand on her high heeled feet. I thought she was to long for the small Ciel head and I felt she didnt fit in with my other dolls, since she kind of towered over them and had a smaller head. The body it self I thought was very beautiful in a stylized way. Kinda fashion doll in my opinion. She has beautiful legs. Nice posing, not couting the standing. I think the new body comes with flat feet, and she needs them.
    18. I'm a big hand and feet person, but after Happydoll Dorothy, I'll tolerate anything. Thanks for the feedback. I've fallen in love with the open mouth head and placed an order.
    19. I've been told that Musedoll has improved the wrist part a bit when they release white skin Ciel^^
      So Ciel should be more poseable now.
    20. I just wanted to say I appreciate all the information here. I have a doll I want to make a Ballerina, and was looking for a tall, slender body, and I've decided the White skin musedoll is perfect! I can't wait to see owner pictures of the lovely new white skin Ciel's!

      Now I just have to save up to get her!