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Musedoll Clio + extra

Feb 6, 2008

    1. 02/08




      She is limited to 25 sets.

      ~More pictures here at MuseStyle~

      There is a preview of the new special edition Musedoll CLIO on MuseStyle and also on the first page of their website. She is the next doll in the Mousa series. Here is her picture:

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Musedoll say that she is coming soon.

      Musedoll have also posted a teaser pic to some new clothing and wig items for Ciel.


      These items are also stated to be coming soon. :)
    2. Do we have any idea how much Clio will cost?
    3. I'm guessing that she'll probably cost around the same as Thalia & Erato.
    4. How much did Thalia and Erato go for?
    5. They were around $1100 if I remember correctly.
    6. Do musedoll girl clothes fit delf?
    7. I think Musedoll clothes are a little small on CP girls; I had an Erato outfit and it fit, but that was only because it laced up the front.
    8. I asked Musedoll a question about 5 days ago, and they told me the new stuff would be put up in around two weeks. So I'm guessing that'll be next week or the week after that.
    9. I've a question.
      Does Musedoll still accept PayPal?
    10. Yes, Musedoll takes Paypal.
      I guess items will be available after the holidays as others korean companies...
    11. I wanted to let Musedoll know that I had posted pics here and this is what they said:

      So the items should be available very soon indeed.
    12. Musedoll newsletter:

    13. She is currently in stock on the web site.