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Musedoll Clio questions

Feb 22, 2009

    1. Hello,

      I still searching for my first doll and I am thinking about getting myself a Musedoll. I am especially take with the Limited Mousa series and since Clio's the only one who is still available and I wanted to ask people who already got her, how she is and how I take care of her so she stays the way she is;)

      I would really appreciate any help:aheartbea
    2. I do not have Clio but have a Ciel with the smokey face up. And I am so in love with her. The details of the face up are beautiful, they even blushed her ears, her seams are clean and there's just so much attention to detail.
    3. I just received my first Musedoll, a gorgeous Ciel with the "romantic" makeup and I LOVE her! So much, that I also bought the "sleeping" doll and she is beautiful, too. SOOO, I went back and ordered the Clio doll a few days ago! Yes, it's official, I am a Musedoll addict :-) Everything about Musedoll is quality, the dolls are gorgeous and the clothes are to die for. I have seen pictures of people's Clio and she is beautiful. If you read the story of Clio, she is the 3rd muse, supposedly, there are 9 muses so Musedoll may make 6 more.
    4. You might find some answer in the disscussion when Clio first release


      and I have Clio myself and here is the tread for her box opening ( you might some more in my Flickr which is in my profile link)


      As she is normal skin I got a Ciel head F-01 along with my Clio order so I an interchange. :aheartbea I need to say their faceup is the most gorgeous default faceup I have seen. And I am sure you won't be disappointed. Poseablity I think she is great compare to Erato although a bit hot glue would be better. Only thing about Clio is the crystal that on her arm that might need to pay attention when you play with her. Is not easy to come off but need to be aware when you changing clothes on her.
      She can wear more of the SD13 size girl clothes, shoe size are normal. Of course musedoll cloth fit the best also they are so pretty. Hope I answer you question :)
    5. Thanks soo much for your replys^^ I still can't decide if I should take her because I would also kill for a Thalia or Erato but you helped me out a great deal:)
    6. Well to me I like my Erato better as I like her expression better not that I not like Clio her expression is unique as well but she got half close eyes ( that is how I see it ) and I like girls with fully open eyes. Depends on what you want from your girls but either are nice.