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Musedoll - limited tan Re-Che

Sep 26, 2007

    1. I create this thred because I'm looking for weeks Musedoll's website, and now we have pictures of the new Re-Che ^_^
      This version will be a boy, tan skin, with special make-up and outfit. Here is a picture provded by Musedoll.
      No price for the moment, but I hope I could grab him T_T I'm totally in love and he wlll be the exact portrait of one of my characters...
      What do you think of him ? ^_^

    2. WOw, Musedoll is finally releaseing thier New Re-Che:fangirl: I never realized until now, just how much Re-Che looks like Ciel:o...... I can't wait to see more pictures, and see this boy's body:aheartbea
    3. New Re-che!!!!
      With this new version I think that I will have three Re-che en my family XDDD I need more pics and info *_*
    4. I like the Re-che mold a lot. This one looks different though.... o.O
    5. Re-Che was the first sculpt Kyante ever made back before the sisters started their company and called it Musedoll. So really, all of the girls look like Re-Che. :) Very few people kept Re-Che as a boy though. Most of the buyers from his limited release two years ago put the head on a girl body.

      I'm looking back and forth between my Re-Che and the pictures of the tan Re-Che and I think I can see some small changes made. Hard to be sure without them both in hand. The new Re-Che has a softer, rounder curve on his upper eyelid, and they may have slightly smoothed out the corners of his mouth. He still has his cute little teeth. :aheartbea Man I love him! I don't think Max needs to be tan and I'm sure the new body will be too tall for my character. :doh
    6. I must say I really like him! ...Must be the lips :P
    7. Do you think they'll release the body with him? Or will it match Volks sunlight? :o
      Personally the doll looks .. okay to me but I love the outfit! (so if anyone wants to split... :D)
    8. Oooo he's very cute...
    9. that is because they made a few changes to the mold =n.n= including it being smaller. )
      lol. I really really want to know what he looks like without the face up. ._.
    10. *repeats to self*
      I do not need another Re-Che...I do not need another Re-Che....oh who am I kidding, It's Musedoll limited, he's probably going to be $1000. ;__; I couldn't get him even if I wanted him...which I do...because Re-Che is love. *___*

      I'm quite glad I got tired of Musedoll stringing us along on the re-release and picked up a head on the Marketplace when one showed up. XD It means I'm not going crazy right now, since I already have my Merenoi. <3 I wasn't expecting a tan release at all, though--I was expecting white skin, like on the cover of Haute Doll. o___O

      They do seem to have tweaked the mold a bit--I agree with idrisfynn on the upper-eyelid change...it kind of changes his expression a bit...he's still cute though, definitely. :whee:
    11. Aw DANG!!

      *exasperated grimace and exhalation*

      ANOTHER one that I absolutely LOVE! Good lord, I can't raise enough money selling pounds of flesh, how the heck am I going to get one of these?

      The only teeny tiny thing I don't like about him is the lip gloss >< but that's so minor...
    12. I know! This is completely unfair!! I've been waiting and waiting for him and now I'm out of money!
    13. does anyone remember how much erato and thalia cost? that would be a good gauge of how much re-che is going to cost right? and right along with everyone else, i need to sell my organs for money asap >_>;;
    14. La Siesta Ciel was 850$ if I remember well. Erato/Thalia were around 1100$ no ? Not sure... O_o
      I'm updating my sales on my blog to be sure to have enough money XD He's so cute, and I love his mouth, reminds me Ciel F02 ^_^

      Intermission: he will be fullset so it will be complete doll, body + head + mkae-up + outfit... Of course I'm not specialist but it seems to be like that.
    15. Ohhhhhh, what a sweet boy!!!!!
      Trust Musedoll to come up with a boy like this!
      I'm trying to convince myself that I do NOT need another boy (not to mention the EXPENSE...) but my Ciel is longing for a brother...

      Is that a tattoo on his arm?? :)
    16. Ugh...why did I look at this thread x.x

      I adore his outfit too! And you can choose to get a tattoo or not. And only 16!
    17. His body amuses me, because his legs are like, a mile long. :3 How cute.
    18. MS said that he will be released as basic version: normal & white skin, but the face will a little modified. So only the outfit and the tan skin are really "limited" ^^

      I can't wait. I have to order him +_+
    19. i am going to order reche white head when its available. cant wait. but i hope the modification wont be too bizarre!
    20. Also, Musedoll said WS/NS were *possibly* a two month more wait down the track.
      I'm probably going to end up getting a WS re-che myself. I'm personally hoping this version doesn't end up looking better or it'll really screw with my monies. lol