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Musedoll Petit Discussion Thread

Jan 3, 2009

    1. I do love Musedoll resin, and they feel light & silky to the touch, also light in weight. I've got her in cremy white, and it's cremy and very pretty! I redid her faceup, and I do love her! The first time I did her faceup, I made her look like mikey mouse...lol. Faceup is so important. It's my fault, and I realize she's so much cuter than I had made her before. I took these pictures late at night, so they're not the best pictures. Here she is now.[​IMG]
    2. I love how you have painted her this time :)

      Here is mine with a factory face up and a pair of Unoa size eyes I had


      I am shattered that she belongs in the slim mini group of dolls though :nowords:


    3. pretty~! she's so lovely! :D
      how large is her head?
      does she look nice with other msds, slim or normal?
    4. She's more slim mini with 6-7" wig.
    5. gardenofdolls....I am having a problem with finding shoes to fit her.

      What shoes have you given to your little one? :huh?:

    6. She has the same size feet as my Nabi Kiss dolls. I don't have Unoa...but I heard they're 5.5cm which is the same with my doll...is this true? If so, I guess Unoa shoes will fit, but I haven't tried that. Anyone know?

      Mine wears shoes that fit Goodreau & Sharmin. here's a couple I bought a while ago, which fits perfectly: http://cgi.ebay.com/Doll-Shoes-Girl...0|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318|301:1|293:1|294:50

    7. flower_sceptre she poses like a dream :)

      She can stand unaided for ages (though I would never recomend leaving any doll off a stand for long periods of time)

      She has good wrist mobilty and her head tilts sweetly

      The resin feels smooth and the creamy white that I ordered is quite beautiful to look at :aheartbea

      You will not be disappointed with her. :thumbup
      I have sent you a PM too

    8. I really cannot afford to buy any more dolls this year either. :(
      Here's another shot of Phai wearing a funky black top, which I think will be so adorable with a pair of black leggings and only if I can find a pair of ballet flats... I did find some ballet flats (key chains that can be used for doll shoes) in a dance shop, but I'm afraid they may not fit as those shoes are 2.5"...Phai's feet are 2.1".
    9. Oh I love what you have done with your little one gardenofdolls :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea

      Where did you get her jeans and in what size?
      There are perfect for her :thumbup

      I have found that Ajumapama shoes in Unoa size fit really well but I am looking forward to Musedoll making flat shoes for her soon

      I am doing to raid the Unoa box of clothes now and see what else fits my Faye

      missne I cannot encourage you enough about getting her...she is such fun :)

    10. I got those jeans on ebay made for Unoa & Narae...you can do a search on ebay ( it was bought last year...I wonder if they still have them). I'm so glad to hear that Unoa shoes will fit! I think I saw a bunch of shoes made for Unoa. Thanks!
    11. I have found that it only the Ajumapama Unoa shoes fit well, other Unoa size shoes are slightly too large for her

      And thanks for the tip about the jeans :)

    12. gardenofdolls.com: Your girl is beautiful and I just love her wig! What wig is it?
    13. Hi,
      That wig is by Jpopdolls. I think it was called "Ashes" in dark chocolate. I had side of her hair pulled back with a hair clip. Jpop wigs fit and feels perfect.
    14. Thanks for the compliments you guys - I'm so pleased with her :aheartbea

      Jane, the white outfit is actually pale pink and white, a limited made by Musedoll a few years ago and offered only through Haute Doll magazine. They also had it in SD size and I loved it so much I bought one of those too! :sweat
    15. Don’t hold back-she is beautiful!!!


      I bought the creamy white version and replaced the eyes with some from Gina….she is so well made too

    16. Awwww......thank you :)

      But do be aware that she is a slim mini girl-not a MSD size.
      I bought her thinking she was the same size as my BF dolls; she is not.

      But Musedoll are a wonderful company to buy from, you will enjoy the whole experience I am sure

    17. I haven't got a nude comparison of her and I certainly haven't got a photo of her with my BF kids....to me the match is really wrong there
      But here she is with my Unoa.


      Phai is a child in face as well as body, whereas I find that my Lusis is definitely a woman!!!

      So although they can share clothes and fit is perfect; in reality they can't as the whole styling is 'wrong'
      (funny to see this 'old' photo of them-neither of them are like this now)

      I love my Musedoll Phai, even though I find her an 'odd' size to display as (to me) she doesn't actually go with any other size :roll:

      Perhaps the answer is other Musedoll mini......;)

    18. Thank you winternight....I still like her too

      I think if you do decide to get her, you will find yourself thrilled at the quality of her too.
      I got the whiter resin colour, it isn't too white at all, it is really easy on the eye

      Good luck

    19. Ooh.. Not much owner photos here! ; A ; )
      I'd really like to see pictures of App.