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musedoll Re-An; funny head size?

Feb 2, 2010

    1. Hi

      I recently got this lovely doll, but the head size is driving me insane; I cannot find a wig that fits! size 8 is too big, msd wigs are too small....ideas? Rubber bands arent a solution as the wig itself is still too big and eats the poor thing's head ;_;

      How have others solved this problem? Is there some mystery size I'm unaware of???
    2. I'm subscribing to this! I want a Re-An, so it'll be good to know what wigs fit. Congrats on your girl!
    3. maybe you could make a wig in your own "mystery size"! or change a different
      one to fit. :)
    4. Have you tried a DoD wig on her? Their dolls have a tendancy to have slightly smaller heads so one of their wigs might fit her. :)
      Otherwise, if you don't mind the look you can prolly commission someone to make you either a fur wig or a mohair wig for her based on her measurements.
    5. yeah I tired that.

      Wigs I've tried include:
      sunny's wonderful world
      leeke 8-9 and 7-8
      luts SD and MSD
      DoD-DoT size
      CanCan 8 and 8-9
      Soom 8-9
    6. Can you take any pictures to show us just how much larger the wigs are on her, so we can get an idea? :)
    7. I will next week; am away from home until sunday afternoon.
    8. Have you thought about trying wigs that fit Elfdoll girls or the ones Volks makes for the Dollfie Dream size heads?
    9. That's my current thinking; the size looks similar to my soah head, so I'm going to buy one of their wigs and if it doesn't fit then my soah can inherit it.
    10. Perhaps get a silicon wigcap? I have a Musedoll Ciel, and yeah their headsize is a bit peculiar. A wigcap will help take up any lingering looseness for 8-9 size wigs. I also got a Can-can wig for mine, and the wigcap really helps.
    11. JpopDolls wigs run big, I think. I have my RS Dan, who has an 8" head, in one of their 7-8 wigs that I stretched out with my hands a bit. It pops off sometimes, but basically fits. So their 7-8 would fit a doll with, like, a 7 3/4 inch head.
    12. Oy. I just tried a Leek Dollga wig on her in 8-9. the bangs alone cover her eyes! XD I should have gotten 7-8.. You mentioned you tried Leeke 7-8. Was it way too small then?
    13. Hehe, Cammieneko, I also got size 8/9 for my Ciel. The bangs are indeed too long. XD I'll likely stick with 7/8 from now on too, but it's not too bad. With a bit of careful bang snipping, they can look much better!
    14. Yeah XD I stuffed some bubble wrap in the wig (it's all I had here) and it fits better XD


      Not too bad then. I might just stick some fuzzy-side velcro into it to help it stay bumped up a little. She's so dainty! XD
    15. lmao go bubblewrap!

      After raiding talithax's wig collection as well I found most 7-8 sizes fit, though a little snug. Provided it was a 'larger' size 7-8 wig, and didn't have gaps around the ears it would fit fine.

      Such a ridiculous size head XD It's like 7.75 or something
    16. Awww, Cammieneko! She's really pretty! And that wig suits her quite well. I use some fabric velcro (it's pretty thin) in order to keep my doll's wigs on in place, and they take up a bit of any extra space too. Though it's not perfect for the Leeke wigs we just got in. Still requires a bit more... Bubblewrap was a good, temporary fix, I think. XD
    17. I'll keep messing around with it! And if I do come across any wigs that fit -perfect- I will toss the name/brand of it up here XD
    18. I'd suggest trying either a Monique Gold Collection or a Jpopdolls wig in 7-8. They have very stretchy wig caps, so they fit on somewhat larger heads. I have a 7-8 Jpop wig on my Iplehouse Jessica, despite the fact that her head is supposedly a smallish 8-9. ^_^
    19. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to buy a 7/8 Jpopdolls wig and see how it goes. I'll take pictures if all works well.
    20. Septunie: How was the 7/8 Jpopdolls wig?