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Musedoll Re-che & Re-an

Aug 2, 2008

    1. Quoted directly from Musedoll's website:

      We appreciate your waiting for Re-che.

      We were about to release basic Re-che with his twin sister, Re-an on August 1st.
      It is delayed on the second week of August.

      Re-che and Re-an will come with new web site.
      We are doing our best for you!
      See you soon~ :)
    2. They have the guy up on the website but no price yet. Also new outfit without price all look very nice.
    3. Re-an is up~
      *new outfit and accessories are up too*

      there are 2 make up options available


      You can get Full set or head only :)


      and choices of skin color:
      Creamy White or Rose pink