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Musedoll Site Down ++

Jun 24, 2006

    1. http://musedoll.com/

      The site's down! O_O

      But lookit! Underneath all the pretty Korean text is some good news:

      We will be comming back soon
      with new doll and improved site!

      So for those who have plans of going there to buy or just oggle at the pretty pics... Not now! ^_^;


      PS: Can anyone read what the Korean text says? ^^; It's an image file so I can't let any online translating whatever run through it...

      Did I post this at the right place?
    2. The site is down these days because they will release new dolls and launch English version website soon. Expecting!
    3. Just confirming the above, I recieved an order from Musedoll today with the following note:

      Dear Pandora~
      Thank you for your Order!
      I'm sorry the shipping is too late. I hope you and your baby will like our outfit. And we are working on a new doll, making an English Site.
      I hope you would also be satisfied with this news~

      Best regards,
      From your MuseDoll
    4. I saw this today too! I'm so excited ^o^
    5. Horray for English translations because I can't read Korean or Japanese!