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Musedoll tan Re-Che

Sep 24, 2007

    1. You can see a preview of the new Re-Che. He will be limited and suntan ^.^
      He looks very cute !

    2. Do you know if they will be doing an NS version also?
    3. Also, anyone know if they'll be doing tan ciel or thalia/erato's mold?
    4. Don't know anything more than this info.
      Musedoll only says "Special Re-Che version: limited suntan" with this picture and a draw of him on first page of the website. That's all T_T

      Wa can't do nothing but wait again. Maybe you should ask them on the board ?

      Found on Muse Style website: *luuuuv*
    5. So does this mean musedoll has now also created a boy body? or is it still just sd13 boy compatible?
    6. In the Haute Doll magazine edition that featured Musedoll (May or June edition?) they said they were going to be rereleasing the Re-Che head in a limited number on their new boy body. I don't recall any mention about his rerelase being tan. I would think they'd do a limited number of tan, then maybe a limited number of normal and/or white. They also have three new boys in the works. :fangirl:
    7. I ask a while back on their Q&A board if they were going make any boy bodies that will be sold separately and they said they had no plans other then the special edition ReChe :(
      I need a BW boy body for my ReChe head
    8. That's odd. When they released the complete Ciel didn't they have a special offer of separate bodies to people who already owned one of their heads? Or am I mis-remembering? Did you mention in your inquiry that you already own a Re-Che head?
    9. MuseDoll's newsletter: Re-Che will be released on October 8! Full pictures will be updated on the site sometime this week according to the Q&A Board.