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Musedoll Thalia & Erato Discussion Thread

Aug 21, 2006

    1. I love these sweet girls!!
      Are there anyone interested in them?^^
    2. they are beautiful dolls! i wish thalia had a straight ahead picture of her face though :/.
    3. I'm rather taken with Erato. . . but odds are bad that I would have any kind of funds put together by the time the preorder happens. T__T

      Such is life. I'll admire from a distance.
    4. They are pretty dolls, but the head looks like it doesn't fit properly on the neck.
      Just like the dollmore dolls. Specially on the third and fourth picture

    5. their cute! sadly i only want one sd girl. i love their outfits though! :)
    6. Their dresses and photo's are absolutely gorgeous, and I love their faces..there's something kind of odd about how the head sits on the neck though..
    7. The photos and presentation looks so beautiful ~**~

      I can't wait to see their nude body photos...

      Thank you Sienna ~~

    8. That's the first thing I thought too, Geri. It looks really awkward.

      That being said, I do like the looks of them. I like Erato's color scheme.
    9. The dolls are absolutely stunning. I don't know if I can afford or even fit another lady into my collection right now, but I could do for their outfits. Oh, and one in my size too, please. With wigs and all. I love the use of beaded chain to decorate the hair and outfit. That's my favorite detail of all.
    10. could anyone post a link? o.o
    11. Um I have to agree with Pony I am sad to see the necks looking so thick and too long but especially too thick :( the head molds themselves and no doubt the body as a separate entity looks beautiful.

      why oh why....? I guess thats a question only the person who sculpted it will know.
    12. I am wondering if the color of the new Body would work with the Ciel Head *hmm*
    13. If anyone ever purchases Thalia, I'd really like to buy the wig off you! I know it's a silly request, but no harm in asking!
    14. Visavis maybe you can let the artist know the link to this thread so she can see our thoughts on the neck? seems such a shame when the heads are so beautiful and such potential overall !
    15. I'm in love with the color of the white skin. It's white as a ghost.
    16. I love the white skin tone also, but seems the neck joint area is a bit weird.
      I am wondering how much the doll would be, hope it won't be over my budget.
    17. I wish there were better pictures. :/
      I can't tell if they are the same sculpt in different resin tones or 2 different girls all together.

      I think I may try and get in on the pre-order, but I really need to see some better full on face photos first. Until then, I'm still undecided.
    18. I manage to save a few of their pics before they change it
      and here is the front pic of Erato:) Both of them are the same
      head mold and their price has yet to decide but ranging from

    19. Quote from Musedoll site:

      "MuseDoll will releases New Special ' Mousa' series.
      Mousa is the old Greek name for 'Muse'
      We will show 'Erato' and 'Thalia' in advance from this series."

      So,are Thalia and Erato the first in this series? Will there be more girls
      in the Mousa series in the future?

    20. *____* they come with this outfit or another? Wow... I LOVE the outfits....