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Musical instruments for larger dolls?

Dec 31, 2006

    1. This is weird question and i'm sure a ton of you all might be looking for this as well. I'm specifically looking for a Cello for Dollshe size.

      But any of you guys found any store that might sell any musical instrument for SD13 or Dollshe size?? It'd be nice to bounce ideas and information around :P
    2. i found a place in the mall that had 1/3 scale insturments. i usally look for christmas ornaments to find doll size stuff cause its already usally minature, and will work for them.
    3. Ah the cello, the sweetest voice of any orchestra. I'm biased, of course, since I play cello. I have seen a couple of thread in the marketplace for instruments but they are usually guitars or violins, so I'm sorry I wouldn't know where to get one. But if I ever stumble across one I'll let you know. You are required to spam pictures if you ever find one! :)

      In another note I'd love to find a SD sized piano. I'm trying to save up for a guitar for Lucas, but there are absolutely no pianos that I've seen!
    4. That's a great idea! And right now all the Christmas ornaments are on sale. I'll have to keep an eye out. :)
    5. I'll have a look around as well....I haven't seen much - looking for an erhu myself >.< but I'm thinking that's a long shot
    6. ... I would also like to ask maybe some of you have seen accordion that will fit 60cm doll? :|
    7. Tokyu Hands, I think. Last time I went there they had a load of instruments, but I didn't have any of the guys with me so I couldn't check it. Next time I go, I'll check it out and let you know :D

      Mini-guitars are pretty easy to find, but they tend to be a little on the small side for SD-sized dolls, which is a shame; but if you get the angles right, they can look good. :)

      ... I found an SD-scale trumpet in the giftshop where I work. XD Hours of fun with that.
    8. i plan to buy a violin for my future dot boy. does anyone know how long should it be to fit him best? i know that the length from shoulder to wrist is 19cm, but i have no idea how long the violin should be then >.> i will be grateful for any sugestions :3
    9. not sure, but a seller is sending me a 9" one for free. That sounds a bit on the big side though (more like viola) but I'll get some pics for you once it's here :)
    10. thank you, i will be more than grateful if you can get some pics when you get it :3
    11. no worries. Just shoot me a PM in about a week or so. I should hopefully have it by then unless Canadian customs decides to stop the package for some reason
    12. mizunoseiryuu's Sha, Sterling, has a 6" violin, i believe.
    13. Harps are BIG. Pretty close to as tall as the player is standing up, so none on that page will work. The 8 or 9 inch violin should work. The length of the arm from shoulder to fingertips should give a pretty good idea. The 7.5" mandolin is going to be your closest bet as well, though not quite perfect. The hard part is going to be getting the hands to look right while holding them. ;)
    14. Thankyou soooo much!

      I'm considering just getting the violin, and maybe a mandolin, or a guitar. Although a large harp doesn't sound too bad.

      I've seen bjd's posed with instruments, it'll be a challenge I'm sure, but they just look so much more realistic with instruments and other accessories.
    15. im getting a delf el and i am having trouble finding it
      needs to be around...ah...14 inches?*_*
    16. Bump!

      I really want a Delf sized Cello!!
    17. yet again?
    18. Bump? Does anyone have one?