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My big problems with Dollzone Spain

Jun 30, 2008

    1. Well, I've waited a long time before opening this theard. But now, I can't wait any longer.

      I'm gonna post here the e-mail I sent to Dollzone. It will perfectly explain everything.

      I’m writing you because I have big problems with Dollzone Spain. I wanted to order it there because I live in Germany and I thought that it would be easier for me. This is the first time I purchase a doll. I was very nervous from the beginning, but the doll really stole my heart and I wanted it so much, that I saved all the money I could get. I read very positive responses on DoA and trusted the dealer. Especially, because it was an official dealer of Dollzone.
      Unfortunately, my doll is still not there and I lost lots of nerves. I hope that you will help me to solve this problem.

      I purchased the doll on March 13th. Everything was fine, I transferred the money and after 5 days the dealer got them.
      At first I asked the company if they had the doll and they said that they had one “Mo” in stock. I ordered him, but than it came out that the doll wasn’t reservated for me and Dollzone Spain ordered it for me from China.
      So, I had to wait and of course it wasn’t a problem. Anyway, I’ve waited for two month. I thought it was a bit too much, but it was okay for me because I really wanted the doll.

      On May 26, the dealer wrote to me that he sent the doll. I was really happy and began to wait. The dealer gave me the tracking number and the website where I can check it. Still, he said that I won’t be really able to check where the doll is before it reaches my country:

      „26.05.08 18:20
      This email is to notify you that your Dollzone order, with id DZ00647, has been shipped on '.2008.'/'.5.'/'.24.'.
      Your tracking number is VV017660033ES and you can know your order status in your in the Spanish post website:

      This email has been sent automatically. Please don't reply because there won't be anybody to read it.

      Dollzone Spain.”

      And two days later, he told me again:

      „28.05.08 01:27

      Here is your shipping data:

      Tracking number: VV017660033ES (you won't be able to check it until the package reaches your country, but if you want you can check it in Spanish here:

      Best regards,

      The website was Spanish. It was said that the doll was sent on May 24th.
      (I send you the translated version, on the original webpage it’s in Spanish. I found where to translate it much later. I myself don’t know Spanish so I had problems to understand what the page said. I could only help myself with a dictionary and guess the rest):

      24/05/2008 Accepted.
      26/05/2008 In transit.
      26/05/2008 Received in the Destination Office.

      On May 26th it should have arrived in Germany. On the website, it is said:

      “If you wish to find out more information about your delivery in the destination country, check its status through the local postal provider”

      So I chose “Germany” on the bottom of the page and from there it transferred me to this page:

      But, it gave no results (and there are still none):

      I called the post office and wanted more information, I was worried. They told me that package with this number isn’t in Germany.
      In the meantime, the delivery status at the webpage was updated:
      (Again, back then I had it only in Spanish. So I didn’t quite understand the last update on 28/05/2008. I thought it meant that the package reached Germany. Now I know, it says that the package returned to Spain)
      Delivery number: VV017660033ES
      Dates Status
      24/05/2008 Accepted.
      26/05/2008 In transit.
      26/05/2008 Received in the Destination Office.
      27/05/2008 In transit.
      28/05/2008 Sent from International Destination Office in country of origin

      Now, I was even more worried, because it was strange, that the German post office didn’t know anything about the package. So I wrote to the dealer and asked for help:
      have a problem with my package - still not there yet:( I don\'t know Spanish but what from the website all I can understand is that the package left Spain at 28 May. In the german post, DHL, they said to me that there\'s no tracking number like that - so, they can say that the package is not in Germany. All they\'ve said was that I should contact the person who send it.
      I would really, really appreciate your help.

      Greetings, Kate“

      I got this response:

      “04.06.08 23:23

      It could take some time before it reaches to your house.
      Anyways, if the next week you haven't received the packet, please tell me so I can make a complaint in the post office.

      Best regards,

      Now I know he didn’t even check the status of my package at the webpage. If he had done, he would have known that the doll was sent back to Spain for an unknown reason. I am really sad that I got this bad treatment from an official dealer whom I trusted.

      But, because I didn’t know what the Spanish page actually said, I hoped to get my doll soon. A few days later there was nothing new from the webpage, the post office or the dealer. So I wrote again:
      the doll\'s still not even in Germany and I\'m very, very nervous. So please, make a complaint in the post office.
      Best regards,

      I received this response:
      „09.06.08 20:43

      I'm making the complaint as soon as I'm going to the post office.
      Don't worry about it because the shipping is insured ;)

      Best regards,

      But weeks passed and there was still nothing from my doll. I was desperate by now and wrote again to the dealer:
      there are just a few days and my package will travel a whole month.
      And the thing is, that it’s still not even in Germany. And as you can imagine, it really, really drives me in despair, because 3 month have passed and my doll is still not there. I mean, ok, I absolutely understand if there are delays, but there were delays at first, and now it’s still not there. Three month is quite a long time. If you made a complaint in the post office – what did they say to you? I don’t have any nerves to wait another month.
      Greetings, Kate”

      He told me:
      “17.06.08 17:26

      It's needed to wait a month since the shipping to make a complaint, and I will make one on the next week so we can solve this situation.
      Anyways I want you to know this is a problem with the post office, and not with Dollzone Spain, but we will do everything in our hand for you

      Best regards,

      Now I’m really sad. As you can see, almost 10 days passed between the two last letters. In the first he promised me to go to the post office as soon as he can, but then he told me that one month should pass before making a complaint. And it is obvious, that he still hasn’t checked the status of my doll at the webpage.

      I just can’t understand why he said to me, that he would care about my package and then did nothing.
      I myself did everything the way he told me to. I have waited and checked the page every single day.

      A few more days passed. I was angry by now because I felt, that my trust was abused. I wrote again, now in an angry tone:
      well, you know, it's not like I\'m a person who can\'t wait, but goddamn! I\'m sick and tired and I absolutely can\'t stand to see all the people around me who got their dolls in this 3 month and who are purchasing even more and still getting them. And me? I\'m, yeah, I\'m waiting.
      I have no clue why the package isn\'t in Germany yet, but I really want to have this problem solved.
      I\'m absolutely against a harsh and rude tone in the letters, but it\'s not like I can say "it\'s okay for me to wait another 1 or 3 month". I know, it\'s not your fault. I know that it\'s not your fault that my package was delayed for 2 month. I know it\'s also not your fault that it\'s not in Germany and it got lost or something like that. But god, why me?! At first, a 2-month-wait and then another 1-month-wait and still no new information.
      So, please. Solve this problem. It\'s not like a have nerves to wait any longer.


      The answer I received was really shocking:

      “26.06.08 18:03

      I was going to write you right now, since it has passed one month from the shipping, and I made yesterday the inquiry.
      This morning I have received your packet, returned.

      Reason: "Nicht abgeholt", or not demanded, so it was your problem, or problem from your post office (it was not problem from China, mine, or Spanish shipping).

      The address was the specified in your order:

      [there was my address, but I censored it]

      So, for this reason, I can ship it again, but you would need to pay again shipping costs.

    2. I was shocked to no end. I did EVERYTHING the way he said and now he told me, that it was MY fault and that I had to pay again for the shipping.

      It made me cry. I saved the money for so long (I’m a student and don’t earn many money) and I hoped to finally get my doll. I feel really bad and I can’t understand how this could happen.
      After I got the translation of what the Spanish page said, I became really depressed.

      It was unbelievable that the dealer didn’t check the page, so he didn’t knew that my package was sent back almost a month ago.

      The dealer told me all the time, everything was alright. So I believed him to the very end and waited like I was told.

      Now I see that he himself did nothing to help me get the package. And now I have to pay 50 more euros! I feel betrayed! I asked the dealer for the airway bill now but he didn’t answer me.

      From the March 13th, I wanted to have my doll and now it’s June 30th. My doll’s not there, I cried a lot, my parents are angry and forbid me to buy anything on the internet and I still have no idea what I should do.

      What happened to me is just so rude. I have never expected something like this from a Dollzone dealer.

      I did nothing wrong, everything the way the dealer told me.

      Please help me.

    3. Demand a refund! If they don't want to give it to you, get in contact with authorities.
      Dollzone is a great company, and while I haven't personally ordered from their main website, I think you'll get much better service than you did from DZ Spain.
    4. ok .. i'm from spain and it even living here i can tell you that when people here in Spain ask me where to buy a dollzone i tell them to buy it on Edendoll.. they are quick and don't have the problems that has Dollzone Spain... delays more delays.. it could take for a doll four months to get to the house of the person who ordered it if you ordered in Dollzone Spain.

      I don't know that thing that told you Dany about waiting for a month for the inquiry.. last wednesday i did one inquiry because one package i sent hadn't arrived to its destination .. so i went to the postoffice to ask information about that package and quickly they found that they had comitted a mistake ..they sent the package to Valencia instead to Sevilla.. I did the inquiry the same day..only a few minutes passed since the postman of the postoffice told me.

      Guess it's strange OO ..i don't know about sending packages to other countries ( i never had a problem of this kind with foreigner countries XD ).. but i don't understand why to wait till the package come back again to the origin.

      About the address... if you know for sure you didn't comite any mistake .. they should send the package to you again without any more charges .. damn.. i hate dollzone spain =_= .
    5. @Yunabug

      I hope, everything'll be fine. I have no more nerves now, kinda -_- I want the dealer to send me the airway bill, so I can go to the post office and make a BIG complaint. But I hope the dealer will finally understand that it's his fault.


      Oh, that's how it is...
      I saw really nice and positive comments for Dollzone Spain. I've never thought I'll be in situation like this now.

      About the inquiry - does it mean that he lied to me? ;__; Just perfect.

      I have no idea at all, why the package came back after two days - the adress is correct! I really, really want to have the airway bill so I can clear the situation with the post office.

      I hope so much I get the situation solved. It's really depressing now.
    6. I'm also from Spain and I have seen a lot of problems with this dealer. Yes, it is supposed to be always Dollzone China's fault, but Dani is a student and it seems that he can't deal with this job, so I have seen a lot of curstomers like you who have suffered not only delays, but also a poor treatment and even big delays with e-mail replies. Me mysef have had to wait 2 months for a BB suit and almost a month since the moment he received it, because we live at the same city and was impossible to meet up.

      So my advice to you at this rate is: claim your money back. I have checked that buying at Edendoll.com or doll-zone.com is cheaper, I would save around 10€ with an 1/3 doll and even they are faster. So yes. Don't pay another 50€ because, in addition, in Spain post services are REALLY expensive. And use the money again (of course, claim it full, including shipping and bank transfer taxes) to buy your beautiful Mo at the official sites, not dealer. Maybe you will save some money and will have your doll soon.

      I wish you luck ^^
    7. Hi! I don't know how the post works in your country, but in my job we sometimes send things to different countries, and in some of them the post offices don't tell the reciver that they had a package. It's them who should phone the office and ask (it's very strange, but it's real). And really it's not fault of the person who sends the package if they don't ask for it.

      I'm not telling you that it's what happened to you, but maybe you should ask at the post office if they send a notice for this kind of package. If they sen it, and you didn't get it, put them a reclamation (to the post office). It's their fault.

      (I know that Dani didn't do it well at all, he should have asked to the post office before and told you where your doll was, but it's true that if it was your office who returned it, he is in his legal rigth to ask for the money again)

      I hope this can help you a bit.
    8. I don't know how does post offices work in Germany, but here in spain it goes this way:

      The postman goes to your home with the parcel. If there's nobody at home, they left a note asking you to go to the post office with it and take the packet yourself. They wait for... I can't remember if its 15 days or 30... well, if you don't go they sent the packet back.

      I think it went in one of this ways:

      *the postman never went to your home and never left a note, and the packet layed abandoned in the post office until Dany asked for him. Then the postman checked the date, and returned it back to sender.

      *the postman went to your home but there wasn't anybody at home, or he went to your house just with the note because the packet is BIG and he's a lazy guy (it happens a lot) and anyway, the note dissapeared before you could see it, so the packet awaited in the post office until the time was gone and they returned it back to sender.

      That's what "not demanded" means.

      Your post office made a big mistake, a 50€ mistake. I know Dollzone Spain is well known for LONG delays, and I don't know nothing about that thing of waiting a mont to ask for a packet, but facts are facts: go to your post office and ask them why nobody gave you the packet and why they returned it to sender whitout warning you. Because it is their fault.

      The information in the spanish service web page is pure madness:

      24/05/2008 Admitido.
      26/05/2008 En tránsito.
      26/05/2008 Recibido en Oficina de Destino.
      27/05/2008 En tránsito.
      28/05/2008 Salida de Ofic. Internacional de origen.
      26/06/2008 En tránsito.

      So it left spain in 26 and arrived to germany in that same day and then leaved spain AGAIN onde day later and it's still traveling since then!

      I think Dany wasn't careful enough to check the web page, but it's post service's fault. He should demand a compensation for the shipping costs, because the packet never reached its destiny and it's clear just checking the tracking number. As long as the packet was marked in german, it reached germany, but was returned to sender. Maybe it's german post service's fault. Go to the post office and ask them what happened, and why, if the packet never reached germany, it was marked in german as "Nicht abgeholt", and demand a compensation. I don't know if they would give it to you or not, but you should try.
    9. Hi !! I bought my first doll ( Xiao Mei ) at Dollzone Spain. It was a mistake. It took two months to get my home, the wig was wrong and the dealers didn't keep us informed about nothing, they all the time said it was the chinese people fault. For my part, i recomend everyone to buy directly from the chinese web. I hope your problem solves soon . kisses .. keep your spirit high.
    10. What Mayumi_Nyu says is true, if your post office returned the packet without telling you any information that the packet arrive to your post office... then, is not Dollzone Spain fault. ^^u Dani could legally ask you again the money for the shipping. Other companys like Luts for example made the same if the packet was returned to them.

      So, first, ask to your post office.

      Good Luck with all of this, hope you have your Mo soon! :***
    11. grr... double posting. u_u
    12. I don't know, but Dollzone agents are not very good in europe. I have to say that i ordered from DZ Spain twice, never a big order, just some stuff they had in stock and i never had problems with them.
      However, in the UK i had a huge problem and had to enter with a clain through paypal.

      It's very weird that the doll was held for a month in the in Spain's international post office before it was sent to Germany. I believe it was a problem with teh Spanish service.... or it wasn't checked in in Germany. DHL is knows for failing to scan international items. Because of the date in the package, DHL probably assumed no one claimed the parcel and sent it back.

      It's both DHL and Spanish post service fault rather than yours or Daniel's. 50 euros is alot. I don't think an MSD would cost that much.

      I suppose you could always ask your money back, hopefully Daniel will refund you, but then, i don't know how DZ agents work. There are 2 DZ agents in Germany, one in Berlin. Maybe it's safer to order from them since shipping will be cheaper and faster.

      Because of the nature of the product, you are bound to have problems. I always have problems with my orders... it's awful and frustrating but you have to get used to it.
    13. Well, i don't made orders with dani, but in spain, is not de first time that people say that dolls (and not only dolls, clothes, eyes, and more) took a lot of time to arrive to spain. I know that is different made an order of one doll, than 20. But i always think that dani can made 2 different order, one for dolls, and another for accesories.

      I think that the money of the first shipping he can't return, but you can say taht return the money fo the doll, and with this and a bit more ( i know that now is sad) you can buy it from the edendoll webpage.

      I buy to this shop and i'm very happy with they. Rapid, perfect. Always answer the emails.

      And the balence of money, isn't different. Yes, with dani, you have a cheap (or not, in spain is a bit cheap) but is in regular service of spain "correos" that is very bad, the worst in the world. In edendoll you pay a bit more, but is EMS and have insurace, a track code that really works, and is urgent ^_^. So i always prefer edendoll.

      Y hope all going ok from now, and edendoll or dani can solve your problem. A lots of hugs for you :)
    14. I think too that the best is that you ask a full refund and order the doll in another shop.
      Dollzone Spain hasn't got good feedback. The waiting time is so long, about 3-4 months for a doll, it's a madness (I had to wait months just for an unpainted head).

      Buy your doll in Dollzone China or Edendoll will be cheaper and much faster.
      I highly recommended them better.

      Good luck!
    15. I'm sorry about what happened to you, as the other girls I recommend you to claim for your money and buy your Mo at the official website (hope you can convince your parents >_<) and not with the spanish dealers. I hadn't ordered anything with them but they have lot of complaints for their poor service.

      Things doesn't work this way, I think they offered you a dreadful service, you shouldn't pay another 50&#8364; after waiting for months and less if you gave them the information correctly. Is not your fault so they should take care about the issue, not you. But first I would go to your postal service and check that it was all okay there, because maybe it's a matter of them and not of DZ Spain.

      I hope that will get resolved, cheers, it usually don't go this way, you know ;) (even if I understand your disappointment U_U). Oh, and if you need to translate any spanish thing just let me know, I'll be glad to help you ^^

      (Postal service in Spain sucks, so that chaotic info at Correos' web is coomon -____-)
    16. Hello dear,

      before I start saying anything, I must say I am Spanish dealer for Dollzone too, but not linked at all with Daniel, we work separately (I offered my helping to him, but he simply refused it, so Dollzone China hired me as "second dealer").

      I feel very ashamed for Daniel's attitude, and furthermore I feel very angry too for this kind of taking the situation. I do believe that dealer's work is to make arrive the doll to the cutomer at all costs. Yes, unluckily some mistakes made that the first time the doll didn't arrived to you, but it is HIS responsability to accept the concequences and of course pay the shipping costs to your home place.

      Of course I cheer you to claim your money, try speaking directly with Dollzone China, and if you have any kind of complication, please feel free to contact me and I will talk to Dollzone China directly. Cheer up, you'll get your doll!
    17. At first - everybody, thanks for you answers!

      Now the situation is gotten really, really worser and I have no idea what I should do.

      Dollzone told me, I have not to worry and I should not pay the freight. Daniel wrote me that Dollzone told him that I should pay the freight.

      I sent him Dollzone's letter - and now he completly ignores me. He's not answering to my letter - I sent it 3 times to him.
      And Dollzone's not answering me either.

      I...I really don't know what to do! ;____;

      I WANT my doll. FOUR month have passed since I purchased my Mo. Never in my life I was treated worser as a customer.
    18. That's horrible!
      Maybe Chincheta can help you to get in contact with Dollzone again?
    19. It would be absoultely great, but I wrote to her several days ago and she's not there at the moment:(
    20. since I don't know if I can write here in german, I do it in english ;D
      Well, I also had problems with dollzone Spain(opened a thread)
      The cancelled all my orders even if I paid for them immediately!
      Thanks godness there was only this problem with paypal, so they didn't get any note for the paid goods...
      Anyway, dollzone Spain seems to have trouble with the whole selling thing.

      I hope you get your doll soon...