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My doll has two left feet (literally)

Mar 24, 2007

    1. Has anyone bought a soom mini-gem with two right feet lately,:sweat because i think i know where the left one is.... :o She just got here and i opened up the box exited and what do you know she has two left feet!!!!Has anyone else had this problem with soom? It says on the site to return the defective item so should i return the whole doll or just one of her feet....This is so frustrating!!!:doh those silly soom peoples....What r we going to do with them!
    2. Contact Soom--and maybe take a good photo to show them. I'm sure they'll try to fix the problem!
    3. That's so annoying, I hope they won't make you send the whole doll back! that will be so evil. They should send you the proper foot free.
    4. OMG!!! :o
      I don't think you'd need to sell the whole doll, just one of the feet. I hope they send you the right one soon! (no pun intended)
    5. That's such a weird mistake, you'd think that during some time in the stringing it would've been noticed O.O It'd be silly if they made you send it back. Hopefully they'll just send you the foot without a problem. Poor deformed dolly
    6. I'm sorry but this made me laugh for some reason,but you're right I think they should just send you the correct foot!
    7. Sorry, I know it was not meant to be funny but this really made me laugh too. :D Agree that they should just send you the right foot DOH it just sounds like a pun no matter how you put it! Good luck!
    8. Ah, I don't know how Soom works, but recently there was a fiasco at DOD about a broken thigh (was a Homme Ducan if I'm not mistaken) and they didn't ask for the whole doll to be sent back, just the defective part. I guess Soom would also do that, or just send you a right foot. I hope everything works out for you and your baby!
    9. LOL I cracked a smile too at the subject.

      I think they should just mail you the missing foot! you shouldn't have to mail back anything. I would tell them that too in the nicest way.
    10. I also giggled at this and thought chocokel meant that it can't dance... then I realized it's in the "Buying/Shipping" forum. :P

      Soom will hopefully replace the foot for free. :]
    11. Aw.
      That's too bad. I hope everything works out alright for you~
      Every doll company makes mistakes, I guess. ^w^;;;;
    12. Not that it's funny... But I had that happen to me with shoes several times. LOL It seems I've had bad luck with some shoes and I get two left feet. LOL But I just looked at my Mini Gem "Glory Of Love" and she has a right and a left. You may havbe to email them and ask them if you can just send the feet back and ask if they can send you the right replacements. But write them first. Or they might just send you the correct foot without having to send it back??? It's worth a trey plus the shipping would be crazy for both of you to send small parts back and they may just want you to be happy since they made the mistake!

    13. What a problem! Well, since this is their mistake, i don't think they would have problen to replace it. I think you sould email them, and send a photo of the two feet. I don't think that they would make you send the whole doll...but who knows... Ohh my... I think this wanna be another possible problem to cosider the next time I order a doll... ouch XoX

      Good luck with that, darling!!
    14. Lol... I dunno, I think if that happened to me, I might just accept fate and run with it ^_^
    15. but you might trip running like that ;)

      Soom should be the ones to fix it, thats a pretty bad mistake, Its probably good to email and wait for a response before sending it back, mailing feet is a lot cheaper than mailing a whole doll.
    16. thx for all the advice! i emailed them and they were super sweet. They said that they'd mail me a "right" foot in about 2 weeks free! And i don't even have to send back one of the left feet! they also said they'd send a free gift for my trouble. they were so nice. oh and don't worry i wasn't offended i meant for my comment to make you laugh a little!
    17. Ah, soom how we love you, even when you make mistakes *snickerfest* thats priceless! I'm happy they're sending you a new foot, but really with soom there's no doubt that's what they'll do. XD That was such a priceless mistake.
    18. Find the email contact info on the site and email them in short sentences in simple English explaining the problem. Maybe take a small photo showing both feet, circle the incorrect part using a paint package, and put the photo it in the message.

      Simple like:

      I received my lovely doll. There is small assembly problem. Foot part on both legs is left side foot part. Could you please send me correct right side foot part.

      Include your order number and full name

    19. Gratz on the new foot! Glad it got sorted out.
    20. I'm sad to say.... she will never dance.