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My Doll House - iPhone/iPod Touch Application

Nov 30, 2011

    1. I'd like to share with you a new iPhone/iPod Touch application called "My Doll House" that I've created to help with cateloging and sharing your doll collection. It's been submitted to the iTunes App Store but is still awaiting approval.

      Features Include:
      • Details for each doll including name, company, model, purchase date and additional details fields
      • Assign a thumbnail to adoll for easy identificaion on the home screen
      • A photo gallery specific to each doll
      • Printing of the photos in the photo gallery to an AirPrint compatible printer
      • Sharing of your dolls via email (thinking about adding FaceBook support...)
      In the meantime, please check out my site which contains an overview and screenshots with a tutorial video coming soon. I'll let everyone know when it's officially available. I would also appreciate any feedback you can give on helping improve and expand this application.

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    2. Will you be considering an Android version of this app?
    3. This thread is temporarily locked as the app isn't yet available.