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My Doll Wardrobe - A Place for BJD Clothes, Wigs, Accessories and Etc

Feb 20, 2011

    1. ***New Outfits Updated on 2011-02-23***

      Hello, My Doll Wardrobe is a new BJD items online stores. We mainly sell clothes, wigs and accessories.

      Below is our link:


      Temporary, we mainly focus on selling SD and MSD sizes clothing. But in the future, we will add more items that fit into various sizes! So please keep checking up our websites, we almost update new items every few days!(o^-^

      Meanwhile, our shipping fee is charged by orders, so we welcome any GO

      As your reply in this thread could be removed, please feel free to PM me for any inquiry! (o^-^

      Thank you very much!
    2. I love your purple and pink wig. Will you be getting more clothes for SD? More for boys?
    3. Thank you, that wig is really beautiful in real too!
      We shall be adding more boys outfits by next week, please come and check again by that time! (o^-^
    4. Today we have new outfits updated for SD10, MSD and YoSD, please come and visit!
      If you have quiries or comments regarding our updates, you are welcome to PM me or open a thread in News/Event Chat area to share. (o^-^

      In addition, if announcement of updates is not allowed for this thread, kindly please Mod remove my post, thank you.