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Update My Doll Wardrobe - New Items Updated

Mar 3, 2011

    1. Dear all,


      New category: BJD eyes are added!

      Please feel free to have a look at www.mydollwardrobe.com!
    2. We have updated some BJD Glass Eyes, please feel free to come and have a look, thank you! (o^-^
    3. 2011-03-12 Update:


      Today we have updated quite a lot of outfits.
      There are also some new shoes and wigs, please visit our site for further details! (o^-^
    4. 2011-03-20 Update:

      Some new outfits designed for SD10/13 and MSD Boys are released.
      Also with some new color of glass eyes, please visit for details! (o^-^
    5. 2011-03-26 Update:

      Some outfits, underwears and wigs are released. Please visit for details! (o^-^
    6. This thread is being closed because we do not allow dealers to update existing News threads every single time they release a new item. Please review the Guidelines for News, specifically Rule #2.