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My Dolling HeeAh by Mi Jung Gu Mini Discussion Part 1

Oct 31, 2010

    1. Wow I love this doll! What an amazing face. I love the French Resin, and it's nice that the price difference is not so much.
    2. But there are the same pics in french and korean resin?????? Would love to see a comparison pic with both together.
    3. I think she's lovely. Nice body - seems similar to Unoa so may be able to share clothes. Her face is very thoughtful. I like her.
    4. She's such a beauty in every way *_* I really hope Mi Jung Gu would make an SD -sized doll like her. She has the look of Zaoll Luv in some ways, not that I mind!
    5. I keep looking at Hee, I love her but she's too short for my storyline, gah! Maybe I'll find a way to work her into it somehow.
    6. The artist told me she could share clothes with Narae and Unoa. Is this doll on topic, she is lovely?
    7. Oh, I think I love this one. I bet there is lot that can be done in the way of faceups that will make each one different. Her body looks well engineered.
    8. She is right up your alley Deb!
      I bet she would be on topic, if she wasn't approved of they wouldn't have let the discussion thread stay, right?
    9. Hey guys! I asked one of the mods if she was on-topic before I created the News thread and before I started the discussion and she said yes. So this thread should be fine!
    10. On topic, hooray! And yes, right up my alley and coming home, couldn't seem to stop myself. Now to worry about clothing and shoes. I have nothing in this size. Sigh.
    11. I can't wait to see owner pics of her, she reminds me of a mini size Zaoll Luv. She really has small eyes, but that should not be a problem finding 8mm.
    12. She is so gorgeous~ I would love to see owner pictures of her too. Hopefully someone here will order her and will be so kind to post their pictures. The promos are nice too
    13. That is fantastic Deb!!!!!!!! You know she's fit Ellowyne stuff right?
    14. Oh my goodness, Hee is gorgeous!! I have Narsha and Zihu, and I ordered Hee yesterday--totally on impulse-- I'll post as soon as possible. Mi Jung Gu is a wonderful artist; my Narshas are solid as a rock, and so emotional.
    15. I'm getting a Hee too! I don't usually go for the mini dolls, but I just couldn't resist. She is amazing!!
    16. HeeAh is a beauty. She is amazing looking. I gotta save up for this one. Love the expression on her face!
      Stunning especially with carrot color hair.
    17. I dreamt about little Zaoll! And now my wish come true! I ordered Heeah in french rezin yesterday and after my order she became soldout!
    18. ;)Whoa...She is completely SOLD OUT now!!! No surprise...she is sooooooooooo AMAZING...sure am glad/lucky that I ordered her!!! I am broke now, and my non-existent "doll budget" is spent pretty much until 2013, but I am glad that she is coming to live with me!!! :aheartbea SHE IS SO AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS, I could not stop thinking about her!!!

      Take care and have fun,

    19. I am not surprised she sold out either, I do hope she will be sent soon. I am so anxious to meet her and get a feel for who she is. Anyone have any plans for their girl--dress style, ages, backstories?