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My Dreamless Sleep - BJD iPhone & Android app now available!

Mar 17, 2011

    1. "My Dreamless Sleep - BJD is an app designed to be a guide to all Ball-Joint Doll measurements; which are sorted by the BJD companies. This app focuses on both Asian Ball-Joint Doll and Western Ball-Joint Doll measurements."

      The long awaited My Dreamless Sleep - BJD Measurement app has finally been approved by Apple! It can now be found on the App Store for $1.99.

      My Dreamless Sleep - BJD at Apples Official App Store!

      The Android Market also has the My Dreamless Sleep - BJD app now! $1.99 same as Apple's App Store!

      My Dreamless Sleep - BJD at the Android Market

      Even though it does not have ALL of the BJD measurements, I will continue to update it as I find more correct measurements.

      It contains:

      BJD Measurements (obviously!)
      Restringing Tutorial for a full doll
      A fun BJD quiz
      and contact/website info!

      Questions and comments are very much welcome!


      For those who own an iTouch and have bought this app, here's a quick tutorial on how to view the content offline..

      Here's a quick solution to fix the internet problem. Connect to Wifi and go to each individual doll measurement page and let them load completely, so it caches them to your iTouch. You should be able to view everything offline now :)
      Remember though, Wifi is your friend when updates to My Dreamless Sleep - BJD come out though! :)

      *~* EDIT #2 *~*


      Ladies and gentlemen, please connect to your local wifi or data on your iTouch/iPhones and Android devices; open the My Dreamless Sleep - BJD app and click the little refresh button on the top bar for NEW SOOM and Ringdoll measurements! :)

      SOOM Idealian measurements and Ringdoll Teen Girl measurements have been added to the app, along with the Secretdoll BJD company! :)

      *~*~*~*UPDATE 06/24/11*~*~**~*

      My Dreamless Sleep - BJD is now starting to truly be a "all-in one" Pocket BJD app!

      I have added a restringing tutorial to the app (no extra charge!), and also Granado measurements! There will be a Restringing hooves tutorial coming soon; also a how to change a bjd's head!

      For these changes to take place; please open your My Dreamless Sleep - BJD app and click on the little round arrow on the top left side to refresh the app! Thanks!
    2. This makes me want to get an iPhone.
    3. Oh man! *goes to app store*
    4. I think it'll be useful for clothing making, especially if you dont have the doll at hand :D
    5. I quite like this app c: I'm always curious about how tall a specific doll is, and some sites don't list their doll's measurements in the most noticeable of places.

      I haven't gotten it yet, but definitely considering it. (Yay for $15 gift cards~)
    6. YAy! You are cool. ;)
      Thanks for thinking about us droid users. :)
    7. Congratulations on making such a useful app and I can't believe that people seem to think you should let them have it for free!
    8. Thank you so much for the kind words :3
      It took me around a month to get the app made. :) I figured $1.99 was cheap enough for it..

      PS. I love your website btw! :3 is so gloomy!<3 Reminds me a wee bit of Emily the Strange meets The Munsters :3
    9. Ha ha, thank you, praise indeed!

      I just couldn't NOT comment, your app sounds awesome and I could imagine I would use it all the time! It's such an amazing idea I can't believe it's not already out there which makes it all the more fab!

      I can only imagine the hours that went into researching and collating all the measurements in the first place, let alone developing the app, total kudos to you for this. Only snag for me, don't have an i-phone right now... but suddenly I have another reason to save those pennies...

      and yes $1.99 is amazingly reasonable, not to say cheap. Good on you! :)

    10. Heyyy don't forget, the 8GB iPhone 3GS is gonna be on sale for like $44.99 soon (if I remember correctly) :)

      :) Great thing; there will be many many more BJD apps if I can find the time for them :)
    11. This will come in handy for my sewing (IF I learn to sew well, that is) and I can't wait to get it! I hope the Droid market allows it. I'll subscribe to keep updated. :D

      Thanks for this!
    12. Wow, thanks for doing this! I always look for BJD scale stuff when I travel and this is going to be immensely helpful, especially for shoes.

      Do you plan to include a feature that will let owners of not currently included dolls to create an entry to put in their own dolls' measurements?:)
    13. I'm not for sure if I will be making versions for, say, Blackberry; since the software I use for making apps only supports Apple and Android phones/iTouches. Thanks!
    14. Some day I will have a smart phone, and when that happens, this will be so useful! And I don't think $1.99 is too much to for the convenience of having all those measurements at your finger tips when you are out and about. :chocoheart
    15. Thank you so much!
    16. Downloaded immediately - and, whether I ever use the app or not, I just love having something BJD on my iPod Touch! (I think I will use it when shopping for clothes and shoes.)
    17. :) Glad everyone likes the app!

      and Sirin7: I LOVE your avatar<3 Reminds me of Jumanji (sp) for some reason
    18. Just downloaded, and it's working just fine! I noticed a couple measurements missing on the Iple area (SID), but so far, so good! Thanks for making this app...VERY convenient :)
    19. Yay! Glad you like it. I am missing a few measurements throughout the app; but I will be updating the app as I find new measurements
    20. Thank you so much for making this! I sew in the breakroom at work all the time, and having all kinds of doll measurements handy would be so useful...