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My first BJD is missing a magnet!

Jul 29, 2009

    1. Wang Zi finally arrived today. All the bouts of buyer's remorse - (what if I didn't like the face up? Maybe I should have done more research, etc.) were wasted energy! She's absolutely gorgeous. She's a little kicky at the moment, but after the long trip from Hong Kong stuffed in a box, she probably has a right to a little stiffness in the joints! I can't wait to post her photo.

      There is only one problem - one of the magnets holding the back of her skull tight is missing, leaving her a little loose in the head. Can you buy replacement magnets? Where do I look?

      Thanks for any info you can give me.

    2. Did you contact the company? if they neglected to put a magnet in her headcap they should really be the one responsible for replacing it.
    3. i agree, the company should definitely be responsible for replacing the magnet. i'm sure it doesn't cost them much to mail out a small magnet.
    4. I bought her through a vendor on Ebay. I emailed them and am waiting for a reply. They've been pretty responsive so far. I don't want her to flip her wig!
    5. worst case scenario and you have to buy a magnet, they usually use rare earth magnets. you can get them on ebay or craft suppliers.
    6. While you're waiting you could take a bit of eye putty (AoD usually puts a_lot_ of that with the shipment) and put it a bit further from where the magnets should be. As a temporary measure (esp. with a wig) it works fine.
      Good luck to you and can't wait to see the photos of your Wang Zi! =^__________^=
    7. You can also pick the magnets up at Radio Shack.
    8. I stumbled onto this thread since I was photographing my dolls yesterday and my Madgey Poo (Secret Doll #8) took a nosedive and crashed to the floor. It was a heart stopping moment for sure. I've had to repair the face-up on her lips which was quite simple, but her head opened and one of the magnets has gone MIA. It split and the remaining bit just isn't strong enough to ensure good cohesion of her head. I will take a look on ebay and if that fails, Radio Shack. Thanks for the helpful info.. in the interim..eye putty it is!!! Why didn't I think of that?? *smacks forehead*
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