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My first BJD (Puki Lily) - is it bad to keep changing her?

Feb 10, 2009

    1. I'm not sure who Lily is yet, so I'm trying different hairstyles and I also want to try different eyes. Does this harm her from all the handling as I put outfits on, take them off; put wigs on, take them off?

      I don't have new eyes yet, but they are on their way. I'm afraid of doing any damage...can the dolls "handle the handling"?
    2. Congrats on your fist abjd.
      They are made for handling and changing :)
      Only thing is be careful not to rub your hand on the faceup, or any blushing because it will wear it
      or make shiny spots. (and its the only place you should not use a magic eraser on to clean)
    3. As long as you're gentle with her, she'll be fine. Pukis are sturdy, but their little joints are delicate. Just be careful, change her up as often as you like, and she'll be just fine!
    4. Ok, this is good to hear. She really wants to find herself! Did most of you change out your first BJD, or did you wait until you had more than one?
    5. My goodness that is the joy with having these versatile dollies. And Puki's are just to darned cute to not fuss with. As said, be gentle, keep from rubbing their faceups and have fun!! The second I got a new wig or eyes someone had to model them :)
    6. I change mine a lot, and I've had them for almost 3 years now. Sure, once they have their wig and eyes, I don't really change those, but I like to put them in different outfits for fun, especially the Pukis! They are so fun to change, and I have a ton of clothes for them.

    7. Oh my godness, you almost HAVE to change them around until their little personalities come out--
      one of my Pukis, Birdie (Pongpong), was "born" almost by herself--as soon as I got her, I knew what eyes and wig were right. On the other hand, my Puki Lacey (Rose) was nothing special to me until I redid her faceup, and suddenly I ADORED her!

      I wouldn't worry about anything, just play and have fun. At first all I heard about resin dolls is "don't touch the resin, don't do this, don't do that" and I thought, hey, what is the point in having a doll you are afraid to touch?? The only thing I do is make sure to wash my hands before I play with my Pukis.
    8. I change the clothes on mine as I feel like it; they don't really have problems at all.

      And my first (and so far only) Puki... I took a few pictures of her, then immediately took her completely apart! :D In pieces, yeah, she was pretty fragile overall, but as a complete doll, as long as you're not doing anything obviously damaging (stepping on them, throwing them against the floor or wall, dropping them, putting heavy things on top of them, you know, OBVIOUS things you should know better than to do) they're really not as fragile as you might think. Just play with her and have fun!
    9. Whew, this is all such good news! I am super new to all of this, and I don't really want to be careful; I want to play! I'm very anxious to change out her eyes; I have some new ones coming this week and I'm not sure what color they'll be yet. They came with brown, but they just really don't suit her.

      I find I want to put her in my purse and carry around with me all day so I can pull her out whenever I want!
    10. welcome to the wonderful world of tinys
      they are addictive ...like chocolate ..you can never stop at 1

      play till your little hearts content ..the beauty about this hobby
      you can can make your doll 100% yours ..change the eyes ..change the face-up

      anything ...its a wonderful world !
      Uk to hello ! from someone else ..up in the Midlands
    11. It'll be fun! They're very transportable! Just be sure to get something to carry her in...the best thing I've found is a hard-sided sunglasses case.
    12. I play with and change my Puki's (and others) all the time, bring them to work with me, take them places. Give them to children to play with. No damage so far.

      One of my bigger dolls went home with a friend's toddler for a couple of weeks and was fine.

      Enjoy them - as long as you don't outright abuse them, they'll hold yup to being played with - they are toys after all, not ornaments.

    13. It depends on the doll for me. My BBB Isabella? She pretty much was PERFECT the minute I put the Paige wig from Monique on her. And my tinybear girls all look wonderful with their tinybear wigs.

      But my BBB Mei... still hasn't quite found herself when it comes to hair, and I've been through 2 wigs with her (same with my notdoll ligaya).

      So just keep changing and treat her gently and she'll be fine until you find what you want. And even then, some dolls just are going to want to change all the time!@
    14. That's a perfect idea! I have a case right now that will fit her perfectly! That's it - she's coming with me to work tomorrow.
    15. Hard sided eyeglass cases, as Krissy said, are best--especially if you have a lot of stuff in your purse! I have also used soft cosmetic bags--they hold the doll (or two) and clothes and stuff--in case I want to play.

      My resin kids go with me places, and my friend's grandson even played with one, and he is only 7 months old--no harm done!

      Play away!!
    16. Ok, Little Miss Nameless has had her first change - new eyes, new wig....she's trying to decide what she thinks about being a red head:


      "Wait, does my hair look ok?"[​IMG]
    17. Oh she's gorgeous!!!!! Where did you get the wigs and eyes from? Those look like Sun flower eyes. :fangirl:
    18. Yep, they are! I got both from DDE.
    19. Love those eyes Mayhallk, are they the sunflower ones?
    20. :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea Oh gosh, she is gorgeous! I love her eyes and think her hair looks beautiful!