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my first dollie =)

May 29, 2009

    1. hey everyone im so excited i just got my first lil girl she's a 43cm AoD roa and i just cant wait =) once i put some loin clothes on her i'll post some pic's =) i just got her today and the dealer was more than willing to do next day shipping for 40$ which surprised me due to the way things are with the economy im still trying to figure out what to name her =(

      the face up she said has to dry but if i wanted to i can always change it correct?
      for those who have seen the pic she said the face up would look about 98% like it so i hope it comes out looking sweet.
    2. well she'll be coming in the mail on tuesday so i couldn't tell you just yet. but im so excited i just have to get her some clothes i guess cant have a naked girl running around all day now cant i... or can i =)

      i'd love to get her a gothic lolita maid set but so far all the ones i've seen were for 17cm dolls..so i'll most likely have to make my own.
    3. >w< awsome. Naming her is the best part. I really want that size too.

      cant remember where to post my pics of box openings =(
    5. Aww. Grats on your rao :D Good luck in giving her a name! I went through websites and advices from friends. LOL!
    6. Wow congratz on your new dollfie!!! I felt the same way when my Bianka came, I would show but I don't have a camera....:doh
    7. Congratulations~ :) The box opening photos go to the Gallery section. Hope to see pics of your dollies soon!
    8. yay! im still waiting on mine, it seems like forever!!!