My New Girl "Eve" (New BJD Artist!!)

Feb 26, 2010

    1. Just wanted to post a couple pix of my newest girl. This little lady is 16" tall (43cm?) and she is the first edition BJD of new artist named Alba Garcia. Alba debuted Sia' Lorna at IDEX in January and I found her through another chat group.

      Sia'Lorna, first edition, is limited to 10 dolls. She is cast in a Normal Pink resin with a texture similar to porcelain. The second edition will be cast in traditional "smooth" resin. Alba's plans are to create additional face plates for her as well as fantasy parts!

      I fell in love with her because of her curvy figure and immediatly purchased one!!! :aheartbea So, she arrived yesterday and I had to do a little prelim. blushing just so I could post some photos of her. I will be working more on her face up in the coming days and will post more pix as she progresses. For now I am calling her "Eve" since my BF made the comment that she "has that Eve thing going on". LOL

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    2. i love her full figured body..... thanks for sharing her.
    3. You know, I've been a sucker for fresh new BJD artists ever since I purchased my first 2 BJDs 3 years ago. I have 2 Dollinian "sisters". So, I don't mind taking a chance on a new artist. I figure it has to go one way or another. I either get a "prize" with a first edition -or- it becomes a "bust" as did the Dollinians. Either way I come out ahead because so few dolls are made that I end up with very unique BJDs in my collection. :)
    4. I love her full figure too! She's healthy looking and def. has curves.
    5. can you comment on her mobility, particularly are her knees double jointed, can her wrists and ankles hold a pose, and does her torso joint help her pose? I saw a prototype last fall when I was in NYC and while I'm excited about her full figured body, I can't remember what non-aesthetic qualities she offered.
    6. I don't know how I feel about her face, but that body is A-MA-ZING. I would buy one of those in an instant.
    7. I'm not to fond her face myself, but her body is amazing!
    8. I agree, her body is INCREDIBLE, but I'm not so sure about her face.
    9. andergib, your the first person I've heard mention Dollinian. I have two which came to me as I was looking for an inexpensive way to have a first BJD. I love the dollinian's face & really enjoy my sd size girl.
      I like this new doll's body but would want to change her hands & face...bjds are ideal for me as I'm always wanting to change something!
    10. Yeah, what the three above me said! I'd love to have a doll body with that sort of figure, its amazing
    11. this doll is so natural ! ^__^ and I like how this wig looks on her - she reminds me an elf or an angel :)
    12. She poses very well. No double joints, but I LOVE the way her knees are sculpted :aheartbea She's a little kicky but I think it's because she is strung pretty tight. She does have interchangable face plates. This is the first doll I've ever owned that has that feature, and I am lovin' that too! No taking off the whole head to change eyes or work on her face up.

      RE: FACE----As I said, I just plopped a little pastel on her to give her some color. I will be working on her face up next week. In the meantime, I have done a little modding on her eyes. I opened up the bottom lids slightly, giving her a more rounded eye socket. Now she doesn't look as "squinty" as she did in my premiere photos. ;) Alba was also gracious enough to include an extra face plate for me (N/C) which is in the new smooth resin. I like the smooth better, but the porcelain texture makes her look like she really has skin! It's kinda cool.

      RE: HANDS----She does have "man-hands". LOL That's the first thing that struck me when I took her out of her box. I just can't get past those dang hands! So, I have ordered a pair of NP MSD female hands from DragonDoll to replace the ones she was born with. The DD hands were only $10 so if they don't work, well, not out a lot of xtra money.

      Side Note to cthulhu: My Dollinian girls were my first SD resin BJDs too! PM me and we can swap photos!!

      Omnimbus: I can't decide yet what I want her to be. I purchased that gorgeuos wig 3 years ago when Jpop was closing them out. I thought maybe some day I would have a doll to fit it and make her into a fairy or Lady Godiva. This sweetie came into my life and fit the bill perfectly! I'm not sure I even want to dress her at all! So, she will most likely stay a nudie and since she is my only MSD she will probably also be my only "fantasy" type doll.
    13. She is lovely, will the artist have a website up soon? I'd love to see more of this full figured doll, sure wish other bjd companies made SD size females this way too;)
    14. She has the proportions of a real, mature woman! she's gorgeous.
    15. Alba Garcia's website:

    16. Trinlayk,
      I see you are in Milwaukee. Are you a member of Dairyland BJD? If you are and plan on attending the summer mega meet, I will have Eve there to show her off! :)
    17. She's pretty fabulous! I love unusual dolls. Ack! There are so many I want.

      Edit: I like her hands; they look like pudgy woman hands to me, just the sort she might have in RL.
    18. Just in from Alba Garcia:
      "As we speak we are creating 3 new faceplates and a new set of HANDS!! just because we see a need to change them based on the feedback. We are making them smaller and thinner. The new smooth version will have these new smaller hands."

      She tells me that the 3 faceplates will be a Vampire, Goth sad face, and a sensual gentle face. I can hardly wait!!!
    19. that's exciting news.... i have bookmarked her website.... andrgib, thanks for all of your info.
    20. Oh she's fun! I think a little more blushing on the upper lip would look pretty :D Love chubby ladies, there's Tinybear's Coco and Bonbon (I have them) and Domadoll's tiny. Absolute love! Wish I had money to get every doll I love!