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My Visit to Dollheart's New Shop

Oct 19, 2005

    1. I had the chance of visiting Dollheart yesterday and I love the place and the people.

      First of all, the new shop is a lot more spacious than the one in Causeway Bay and it's quite close to CTMA - for those of you who've visited CTMA, it won't be difficult to find. In my view, Dollheart is one of the most luxurious doll shops (if not the only one of its kind) in Hong Kong.

      The ambience is warm and welcoming. The place quite elegantly decorated and the display welll organized as you will see in the photos of the shop posted by D. Above all, Dollheart has very nice staffers. I would urge anyone visiting HK to go visit the place by all means as you won't find any doll shops like that in HK and you won't be disappointed.

      When I arrived at the shop I was greeted first at the door by a cute lady (sorry, I forgot her name again) who looks after the shop (her SD13 girl Sia is displayed in D's photos of the Halloween party) and by D. D was in the middle of photoshooting and I kept chatting non-stop with both of them about dolls and the outfits. Both of them are so friendly and warm.

      Then, later on I was greeted by Pasu (the proprietor of Dollheart) himself. He was really really nice and stopped to chat with me for a long time (out of his precious hours) about dolls of course and told me he had other plans besides just selling the outfits and accessories. And I could have gone on forever and he was so obliging (my apologies Pasu for keeping you so long). Then, I realised it was long past lunchtime and I was keeping him and their staffers from their break, so I had to go. But, before I left I picked up a pair of shoes and laced thi-hi's for my CyndyII plus the latest edition of Haute Doll.

      I could have stayed on there forever just by looking at their lovely stuffs and talking to them. I hope I can make it to their Halloween Party.
    2. Dear Reggie,

      I am so glad that you like our shop (^^
    3. Dear Reggie,

      Thank you for this information I will be in Hong in 3 weeks. I will definitely be going to Doll Heart!

      I love their items and have bought a few already.

      Now even more excited I'm going to HK! :D

    4. Ooooh :D Lucky you!!!! I think it would be wonderful to visit in person! It's neat that they are all so nice and helpful! I would have guessed that!

    5. Rin - A very warm welcome to HK to you in advance. I'm sure you'll enjoy visiting Dollheart apart from the many other places in HK. While in Mongkok, you can also visit CTMA shopping centre. They've all sorts of tiny toy stores carrying varieties of most of the trendy stuffs such as anime figures if you're interested, however they open from 2:30PM onwards. It's a very crowded place so pls take care of your belongings while shopping there.

      Judy - I'm so glad we have a doll place like this in HK. :D Can't remember if we ever did have any of this kind from way back.
    6. I wish I could visit! Dollhearts stuff is the best, I'm sure their store is wonderful!
    7. aimee - do come to HK! It's always exhilarating to be able to purchase stuffs in person rather than through mails.

      Make HK a stop-over if you're going to visit Japan anyway, as they say kill two birds in one stone.
    8. Dear Regie
      Thank you for the welcome and shopping tips! I will be in HK on bussiness so I hope to have some time to shop.
      I will however make sure to get to the Doll Heart store. :wink: