Myou 1/8 fenglinger what other size acessories would fit

Nov 20, 2018

    1. Hi

      I have a Myou Fenglinger doll she is listed as 1/8 size but I haven't seen clothing listed in this size.

      Please does anyone know if there is another name for dolls in this size that I could use as a search term to find clothing and accessories for her?

      My apologies if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't sure where to post this.

    2. That’s the correct size name for those dolls and it’ll be what you’ll find clothes and accessories under. The issue is looking in the right places for their items. I’m not sure if eBay has anything for them, but Etsy and Taobao definitely should.

      The 1/8 size dolls are popularized by Lati Yellow (that’s what Lati Doll calls their size) or Pukifee (Fairyland) and sometimes you can find clothes for 1/8 by searching “Lati Yellow/Pukifee clothes” specifically.
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    3. thanks so much. I'll try the places you suggest.
    4. I have tang tang And I'm having the same problem looking for clothes shoes and wigs. I would love to see your actual pictures of your doll as I am thinking of ordering it during are current sale. thank you
    5. This outfit was made for Pukifee and fits nicely.
      Is there a discussion thread for the Myou tinies?

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    6. Lovely doll. Love the wig. I have one on order from Russia.
    7. Thank you! I am very happy with her. The is many years old. :)
    8. Thank you so much, that's so helpful. sorry I've been under a rock n not online till now. oops.
    9. Aww she's adorable, what a beautiful pucture. Wish shipping for accessories wasn't so expensive in the UK, the import fees n taxes are harsh aren't they. She's perfect in every way, congrats x
    10. Thank you. She really has a cute face. Myou dolls are such nice quality.