Myou Doll 58-62 CM - Discussion

Jun 19, 2017

    1. Hello! I have a Myou Grace on the way, I will post pictures as soon as she's here!
    2. This thread is very empty :(

      I wonder if Myou is going to come out with a pear body in 1/3 size? I'm set on getting Junyao (she's so cute <3) but I would prefer a pear shaped body. But they are sale right now until October 20....
      Choices, choices e-e
    3. I think that, if they did, it would be quite some time in the future. You should probably just snap her up while she's on sale. (And then post pics!!!)
    4. Yeah and then if they come out with one, I will just have to get a second Myou bjd! :p
    5. Is that really such a bad thing? Lol.