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May 31, 2016

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    2. hey all,
      I was looking around for a new doll and came across Louye(62cm) by Myou doll. I am fairly new to this hobby and it's the first time I came across this brand. What are your thoughts on Myou dolls any pros and cons? I can't stop looking at Louye's picture but I want to get all the details before I take the jump :-)

      Thank you
    3. I actually receive Myou Ailsa in the mail tomorrow! She's 44cm though instead of the bigger line. I'll let you know how she is tomorrow evening if you like? She's my first doll from Myou and I'm very excited for her. Fell in love with her photos and she was a bit of an impulse buy....
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    4. That would be awesome! I normally go with the smaller dolls however, Louye stole my heart haha.
    5. I TOTALLY understand that. :] Sometimes just the photos can be so convincing and bonding.
    6. Did you order Ailsa from the Myou site or was it from a site like JunkySpot? Thanks again for your help.
    7. Since she was an impulse buy, she was from the JunkySpot. :]
    8. I'm getting my third BJD very soon, and I'm considering getting a doll I recently found; Myou's Chknak girl sculpt. She is an absolutely gorgeous sculpt. I found her on Junkyspot, and then went to the Myou website, where I found a bunch of lovely dolls that they've made. She seems a bit obscure, so I was wondering if anyone knew anything about her? :celebrate
    9. Hello! I have a Myou Grace on the way, I will post pictures as soon as she's here!
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    10. This thread is very empty :(

      I wonder if Myou is going to come out with a pear body in 1/3 size? I'm set on getting Junyao (she's so cute <3) but I would prefer a pear shaped body. But they are sale right now until October 20....
      Choices, choices e-e
    11. I think that, if they did, it would be quite some time in the future. You should probably just snap her up while she's on sale. (And then post pics!!!)
    12. Yeah and then if they come out with one, I will just have to get a second Myou bjd! :p
    13. Is that really such a bad thing? Lol.
    14. Does anyone have any more pictures of these lovely dolls? My junyao is finally on her way to me, and I need more pic spam :)
    15. I'd love to see your junyao when you get her Aliyahbetd! I've been looking at her pics for awhile but would like to see owner pics.
    16. Any Carl pics? I'm thinking about getting him but would like to see more of him than the company photos.
    17. @flara I have seen box opening gallery of him on DoA. You may search for it. He's lovely

      I just ordered my Carl in coffee skin. I'm veryyyyy excited! He will be joining my pretty boys crew very soon :dance
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    18. Thanks for the link! Wish Junky Spot still carried him, much quicker that way lol.