New Doll [MYOU DOLL] Delia 1/6 Ver. & 1/6 boy Xiaobuding

Jul 24, 2017

    1. Dear All,

      We are happy to introduce you our new dolls: Delia 1/6 Ver and 1/6 boy Xiaobuding.
      From 24th July ~ 15th August 2017, order Delia 1/6 Ver or Xiaobuding, will get 15% OFF.

      Delia 1/6 Ver:



      Xiaobuding boy:



      Oder form :

      Please email the following order details to our email [email protected]

      1. Order Doll Name, Skin Color, Quantity;

      2. Makeup request or other accessories request;

      3. Your paypal email to receive payment invoice ;

      4. Shipping address ; Default shipment is by EMS.

      Thank you for your time.

      MYOU DOLL Team
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