New Doll Myou Doll May Event 15% off and new dolls released

Apr 28, 2016

    1. Hello, everyone,

      Finally MYOU doll get the approvement from DOA.
      We are happy to introduce this new brand.
      Myou Doll is now available for 1/3 ,1/4 and 1/6 regular sizes.
      And they bring a new special size: BIG BABY line.
      Now you can get the instock dolls from JUNKY SPOT : The Junky Spot
      Pre-order can from ebay: BJD Glass Eyes Wigs, Mystic Kids items in KOK Doll Collection store on eBay!

      Myou Doll May event time: 26th April ~ 26th May 2016
      Content: Get 15% OFF discount on dolls order.

      1/4 doll Vera and Verna

      Big Baby :Sally

      BIG BABY: Xiaozuo & Xiaoyou

      BIG BABY : Loretta

      Big baby: Buxiaoqi

      1/3 girl Grace

      Company link: BJD MYOU DOLL

      Thanks for reading.