Event Myou Doll May Event & New Dolls

Apr 18, 2018

    1. Hello, everyone,

      Thank you for your love to Myou Doll.

      Myou May Event is coming:

      1. Purchase Myou Doll during event time, will get 15% Off discount ( Not include separate accessories order and shipping fee);

      2. New dolls release: 2 Versions of 1/4 girls Ling Wei (with 1/4 girl body-2) ; 1/8 babies Feng Linger and Dudu.

      New dolls are included in event discount.

      3. Event time: 20th Apr 2018 -- 20th May 2018

      1/4 Girl Ling Wei & Ling Wei-Tan




      1/8 Boy Dudu

      1/8 Girl Feng Linger

      Thank you very much!

      Questions, please email us by [email protected]

      MYOU DOLL Team
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    2. Does the discount apply to body only orders too?
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    3. (I know I'm not the company, but) It does if you order through Alice's Collections, I'd hope that means it also applies on the company site but am eager to find out for sure as well.
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    4. Does Feng Linger have wings available?
    5. Would it be possible to see Ling Wei without a face-up? She lookws awesome but with that strong make up it's a bit difficult to figure out the neutral sculpt :)

      They have blank head photos on their website. I've linked her head above.
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    7. -Please remove they answered my question above-
    8. Thank you very much! It's a bit confusing, because in the info it says "1/8" and the main photo (the sample one, not the ones in the description) doesn't seem the same sculpt. Just to let you know so you can check it out ;)
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    9. Ling Wei-Tan is gorgeous!!

      What do Body 1 and Body 2 mean, what is the difference please?
    10. Thank you. Yes, discount also applys to body part.
    11. Thank you.
      Unfortunately the wings are not available. :(
    12. Thank you.
      Here is the link for 1/4 Girl Body-1
      Here is the link for 1/4 Girl Body-2
    13. Is the tan Ling Wei going to be a permanent doll? Or only available during the event? I love her!!
    14. Tan Ling Wei is a permanent doll :)
    15. Is the make up of the two Ling Weis different? (It looks a lot more golden on the tan Ling Wei, but maybe it's the skin color) If so, is it possible to get Ling Wei Tan in another skin color but with the same golden make up?
    16. Yes, you can place order for Tan Ling Wei with all our skin color options. Order form reference:
      Order Name: Ling Wei
      Skin color: Pink skin
      Makeup request: Ling Wei-Tan makeup type.
      Body type: 1/4 Girl Body-1 3 part torso S bust .

      Thank you very much.
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