New Doll MYOU Doll New 1/4 dolls with new body type

Oct 7, 2018

    1. Hello, everyone,

      We are happy to introduce you our new 1/4 Girl Martha and 1/4 boy Carr. Martha will come with MYOU 1/4 girl body-3, and Carr will come with MYOU 1/4 boy body-2.

      1/4 Girl body-3



      1/4 boy body-2

      Questions or order please email: [email protected] .

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    2. Hello! Are the new bodies compatible with your other heads?
    3. Do these new hands fit the Body Type 2?
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    4. yes, they can fit.
    5. yes, they can fit.
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    6. Is it possible to order body 2 with body 3 arms (from shoulder to hand)?
    7. sorry, this cannot.
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    8. Is it possible to switch hands/bust with older body? Do they fit?
    9. Ohhh, it's so pretty!
      I was planning on getting the v2 body, but I might have to see about getting the v3 body sometime, too. Do you have any photos of it next to your other msd bodies for body comparisons?
    10. Hi, sorry the hands or bust part cannot swith.

      temporary we didn't take photos about it.
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    11. Would you happen to have photos showing the posing ability of the bodies? Also, which skin color are they shown in?

      Both dolls are beautiful.

      Thank you.
    12. Thank you. you can take reference through our blank body pages to see the pose ability.
      All our dolls shown in mainly in Pink skin.
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    13. Will the MYOU 1/4 heeled feet fit with this model?

      Thank You
    14. Sorry, 1/4 girl high heel feet only fit the body-2.