New Doll Myou Doll New 1/4 girl with new 1/4 girl body type

Jul 12, 2017

    1. Hello, everyone,

      We are happy to introduce our new 1/4 girl Zuzana : She will come default with our new 1/4 Girl body type.

      Zuzana will be on sale with the Summer event discount 15% OFF. You can find blank doll or fullset.





      MYOU DOLL 1/4 girl body-2


      Thank you for reading.

      Myou Doll Team
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    2. She is absolutely beautiful. She is what I have been waiting for. She reminds me of Lorina, but in the 1/4 size. I must have her!

      Can you tell me which skin tone is used in the promotional photographs? It's lovely!
    3. She is gorgeous! And so is the new body! Is it as tall as the old girl body?
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    4. she's beautiful! Do you have a comparison pic of the old one and this one?
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    5. What a beauty! Is the body double jointed please?
    6. In photo Zuzana is white skin.
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    7. Right now we don't have comparison photos yet.
      We will take this suggestion into cosideration for further photo.
      Thank you.
    8. Yes, they are the same height: 44cm include head.
    9. Yes, the new body is also double jointed.
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    10. That's a cute outfit. I like the blue trim and the old-fashioned design. Would it fit the old 1/4 girl body? Will the outfit be sold individually?
    11. Thank you! That is wonderful to hear!
    12. Yes, MYOU DOLL outfit also fit the old body. And it is sold individually.
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    13. What about poseability? On promo i see only 90 degrees maximum on knee and elbow joints...
      Does it bend more with hold the position by themselves?
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    14. Concerning the pose possiblility, we recommend you to find videos from our agent . They already made some review videos which are very helpful.
      Thank you a lot.