MYou Quadratic Element (40cm Anime Line)

Sep 24, 2020

    1. MYou announced a new line of anime styled dolls, Quadratic Element. The 40cm body comes in a one part (no joints) or two parts (single joint) torso. Pricing starts at $330USD.

      Quadratic Element on MYou


      Head: 23cm (9in wig)
      Eyes: 22mm
      Neck: 7.4cm
      Shoulder Width: 8.4cm
      Chest: 17cm
      Arms Length: 16.5cm
      Waist: 16.5cm
      Hips: 23.8cm
      Thigh: 12.6cm
      Leg Length: 16.3cm
      Foot Length: 5.2cm
      Foot Width: 2.1cm


      Personally I'm very excited to see more anime sculpts, especially ones with such a nice face-up. Sandra's full set is very cute :aheartbea
    2. Oh my goodness! Thank you for posting this!! I really love anime style dolls and I feel there aren’t nearly enough that are available in a medium to dark tan. So I have to add getting her to my wish list. It says that this head is also compatible with their 1/4 girl bodies too!
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    3. Oh wow I love everything about this! One piece torso option <3 And no sculpted mouth so you have freedom to paint whatever! This girl just shot to the very top of my wish list.

      it seems like shes one of those big BB style msd? I wish I could see her next to an SD or an MDD for comparison:D
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    4. Oh, she is cute. I can't wait to see some owner pictures. Especially ones next to a MDD!

      @Cydril I was thinking the same thing, re:BB Style. I was comparing the pear body and their regular big baby and her proportions are pretty similar to their BB girl body.
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    5. Aaaa how adorable! Thank you for making this post, I may have to get one of these girls in my future in tan skin lately I cant get enough of anime style dolls.
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    6. I love this body!! I think I'd like to hybrid it though. I'm not fond of heads with painted on mouths. I don't know why it bothers me. I just does. But I think a 2D Doll head or one of the Aimerai anime sculpts would be perfect.