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Mystery solved (kind of) - Dollshe Urethane Eyes

Jun 2, 2006

    1. I've got ANOTHER set of mystery eyes. These actually came in my Saint from eLuts of all places and I knew the eyes were really unusual when I first saw them. They're almost completely spherical, they just have a bit of broken stem coming from the backs. These breaks are completely smooth and leveled off however. I'm pretty sure these are urethane eyes as they're quite light and not as 'hard' feeling as glass.

      They look like EA's, but they're not flatbacked, they're full spheres. Plus they have no writing/markings on the back or anything. They're really nice though!

      Does anybody have any clue who made these?

    2. Wow, they're quite unusual! I've never seen anything like them before, expecially not from luts. Have you checked out Tensiya? Maybe they sent them with the doll to luts.
    3. Oh I would like to know too, cause Die came with those only in moss green ^_^

    4. I can't access tensiya.com or any of its contents for who knows what reason. (I'm not the only person though.) So I can't check the contents of their website or anything.
    5. Tensiya only has normal glass eyes and the "emo" glass eyes, but Dollshe Bernard and Saint on the Iple House website have them as well, only they are blue and brown.

    6. http://tensiya.com/2004_en/index.htm?mode=product_view_save&num=107&bignum=17&midnum=32&smallnum=

      Well, eyes from tensiya do seem to have that shape, but not the same look or colour. Also, they have veins in them...

      But Hound's default eyes arn't available on the website either, so maybe they do make them but don't sell them seperatly, or haven't put them up yet?

      It might be an idea for you or a friend to ask Anu about them and show her the pic. :)

      Or maybe ask Sean and Doogi where they got them? :P
    7. So maybe they're only available with the purchase of a dollshe/tensiya doll? It seems kind of random if you get these eyes or not because I swear I've seen most of the dolls come with just the standard german glass eyes?
    8. Yeah, Hounds from eluts do come with the ordinary glass eyes, so it is strange! I don't really know why Anu would start sending Saints out to luts with eyes either XD
      But I really can't think where else they might be from...@.@
    9. No my Hound IM from LUTS came with those urethane {?} eyes ^_^
      Kaoru with the normal blue/light violet glass eyes [Tensiya]

    10. Those are the spiff!
    11. Wow, really? I guess it must be eLuts then! How strange...I got the normal blue eyes from Tensiya too, but that was back in October.

      Well then your best bet is to ask doogi and sean about them. :)
    12. Well since they were having trouble finding glass eye supply, maybe it has something to do with it?

      Whatever they are they are pretty ^_^
    13. Lucybond's Bernard from IpleHouse came with those eyes, too . . . they really are striking!

      -- A <3
    14. Those are very pretty eyes! I'd buy eyes like that for sure.
    15. ...yeah, those look like the eyes Claude (my Husky) came with--only like Sabriell's, they were green....
      I ordered him from Dollmore, though, not eLuts...so I'd say it's definitely a 'source' thing as the Dollmore site specifically states the dolls come to them with eyes, so you cannot choose the colour. On a side note, the eyes I have seem a touch larger than 14mm, but as I have no eyes other than 14mm to compare them to, I'm not certain...the iris is decidedly bigger than that of either of the 14mm glass pairs that I own, though, so...*is confused*
    16. Bumping this up because Dollshe is about to release a line of eyes for general sale, and the iris detailing looks very, very familiar . . . I think these may be a renewal version of the "old" mystery Dollshe urethanes. Only there's a whole new range of colors, yum!

      News thread here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=332975