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Mystic Kids 1/4 Discussion

Jan 9, 2013

    1. Eden Doll now offers Mystic Kids dolls. There are currently four 1/4 dolls available, two male and two female. The company does have an official website (http://www.mystic-kids.com/), but its English option is currently under construction.

      I just purchased a fullset Evelyn:D I would love to discuss this new company!
    2. :bump

      Look at these cuties!
    3. :bump
      They've added two new MSD sculpts!

      Plus they've extended they're promotional offer until February 28th!
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    4. i ordered Gene in pinky skin from edendoll too (without face up), he´s going to be my first boy 1/4 doll
      i thinks their scultps are lovelies, i like evenlyn too and i would like to buy her in the future :)
    5. Yay! Congratulations samtsukino:) I'm glad I'm not the only one ordering a Mystic Kid, lol!
    6. Mystic Kids are great! I ordered a Ellis and they shipped him in about 15 days. I've received him and he's lovely. :D I'm sure the 1/4 dollies are just as good~
    7. Wow, 15 days? That's wonderful! Did you order a face up? What do you think of his posing ability and his resin? I have so many questions!:D
    8. Yep! Ordered him a face up, which made the shipping time even better. 8D His pose ability is quite good, he has no locking system in his torso or arms, so I needed to suede them there. Other than that, no complaints about his posing so far. xD

      His resin colour is gorgeous, I got normal pink and it's a really nice subtle pink. Not too blinding. It's very smooth like most chinese bjds. I honestly hate the smooth resin but it's not a deal breaker for me in buying dolls. 8D Also, his resin is quite thick and sturdy. I didn't notice any thin bits.

      Anyway, he was well worth the money. 8D http://i.imgur.com/Q1m4XTY.jpg Here's a picture of him. :)
      << Hope I don't get banned for posting a SD doll in this thread. D:
    9. That's awesome! He is wonderful! I like to suede my dolls anyway so that isn't a problem for me. LOL I don't think you have to worry...as long as we aren't discussing off-topic or banned dolls, or dwelling on an off-topic subject, you should be fine!:)

      I had a great surprise this morning - my Evelyn shipped today:D It's only been 3 weeks and she's a fullset! So did my Mako Eyes order, so I'll have the eyes that I am planning for her soon too. My boyfriend is going to be so pissed, I've already done two box openings in less than a week's time:sweat
    10. Oh my, these are beautiful dolls! Please share your opinions about the body when you get her. I'd like to know more!
    11. what a nice surprise, Venetica i hope you post a box openenig and your opinions of the doll.

      I´ll hope my mine will be shipped soon, i order him on 9th so your shipping notice makes me hopeful
    12. I only ordered one day ahead of you samtsukino, so I'd say your doll should be shipped pretty soon:) I will definitely be posting a box opening. I will also be making a body review, but that probably won't be uploaded for a little while since I have at least two I want to do beforehand.
    13. i got my shipping notice today, yay!!!!
      But it´s going to take a while, i choose registered airmail, maybe 3 more weeks of waiting (i hope so)
    14. Congratulations, samtsukino! I can't wait to see your Gene:D

      I received my Evelyn today:D She is just as gorgeous as she is on the website. My box opening is here! I'm loving her body so far and I'm hoping to get her body review done tomorrow morning. She has two bodies ahead of her so it will be a few days before I upload it. I'll be sure to post when I do:aheartbea
    15. I received my Gene last night with faceup. He looks just like the company photos but his head a quite small and is more YoSD size than MSD size.
    16. In my case, most of my MSD girls have smaller heads than usual - so I've come to expect this. My evelyn can wear both size 6-7" and 7-8" wigs. The wig that came with her fullset is really snug though.

      I finally uploaded my body review if anyone is interested:) She's my tallest MSD so far and I had to do a lot of adjusting to the tripod to get her whole body in view.
    17. Thank you for the review, Venetica.
      My Gene arrived today safetly!! i just love him so far, but he doesn´t have face up, i just want to do it but maybe i´ll just have to wait until week end :(
      Another sad thing is i don´t have anything for him (at least he came with a pair of glass eyes), neither a name :´(

      Namika, i´ll be happy to see pictures of your gene!
    18. Such a little thread! Since there is no waiting room thread I just wann say I bought a Milo yesterday. I hope he doesn't take too long to be shipped. ^_^
    19. Congratulations!! Milo is an SD sculpt though...I guess there isn't even a 1/3 Discussion thread:(
    20. There isn't :(. I thought it was pointless to start one:(. Does anyone know when this company started?