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Mythdoll boy: Flame

Jul 13, 2006

    1. Wow! He easily has the best face mold of the three 1/3 boys...and I like that he's so very metal! :lol:
    2. If you check out the other dolls on the Mythdoll site, you will see 'x' units in stock under each of them; it's a Mythdoll thing, and not neccessarily related to total numbers of the doll to be made.

      Ann in CT
      and (deep breath) Eugenie Regina Laetitia Smith, a Leroi's twin
    3. He is cute, but I can't get him :(

    4. I see~
      I'm just always worried when I see limited next to something *_*
    5. Does he come with the outfit? the wig and eyes?
    6. He reminds me of a Chiwoo facial wise.
    7. Also inexpensive