Mythdoll vs DollZone

Mar 28, 2006

    1. Just curious if anyone has a doll from both of these companies, and can do a comparison??? Just facts, not etc, ect, about the companies, just how they compare up against each other.
      If this has been discussed, sorry, just send me back to my corner!
    2. i think the DollZone are probably still too rare to be compared to the Mythdoll... maybe if two friends have DollZone and Mythdoll they could get together... anyone?
    3. I have DZ Xi and my Mythdoll Leroi Snow should be arriving anyday soon
      so as soon as I have them side by side
      I will let you know :)
    4. oh wonderful! i look forward to this.
    5. me to
      :) as the DZ boy is so tall , I want to turn Snow into a girl
    6. Jumping up and down, can't wait!!!
    7. I have got both types right now, although my Dollzone isn't the best example since he's got mismatching resin. I can take a picture of the two together though. ^_^
    8. That would be great! I would really appreciate that.
    9. I am actually very curious about this. Can't wait to see this.
    10. [​IMG]


      Please bear in mind that my Leroi has been modified a bit. I've made his face less chubby and changed the shape of his eyes to be less lemon-shaped. ^_^

      And my Xi is mismatched, so he's not good for resin comparison between the two. I've also just read that Dollzone is making their normal skin tone a lot more pale.
    11. Thank you so much!!! Very helpful!
    12. I like doll zone's hips and such better, Looks more girly, but at the same time more mature.
    13. Oh dear, I see what you were talking about when you said "mismatched" resin. It is subtle in the images but you can see it a tad bit in the legs and that headcap..... Goodness.
    14. leroi has no thingy :aeyepop:

    15. Nope- he's an angel! :)
    16. i like them both what can i say... i like the majority of a DZ body compaired to Leori, but i like Leori's hands ^_^;; lol the DZ boy looks so big in comparison though *o*;;
    17. They changed their hands, thank god, but you can order them separately for $15.
    18. Dz would be perfect for a male (taller) female (shorter) match up:aheartbea :aheartbea You know bend down to smooch, sit on lap, carry in arms kind of thing.:blush :blush
    19. well thank god for that, Isazu was going to be so jealous of his brother's hands :roll: BTW, how did you find this out?
    20. OMG Leroi is beautiful , so small next to DZ
      she is perfect for my Willow
      is your Leroi the normal skintone ?

      I need mine
      ...........Howls ..............