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mythdoll: what happened to them?

Mar 22, 2008

    1. not sure if this is in the right place, so mods please move if not, but -

      i tried searching the forums about this but couldn't find anything explicit (perhaps i have very poor searching skills), so - anyone know what exactly is going on with mythdoll? from what i've gleaned they're closed, but the website is randomly still functioning. and i'm confused. clarity would be appreciated :)
    2. If I remember correctly, they had a bunch of problems (one or two people went something like 8 months without communication before recieving their dolls) and eventually just... stopped. I believe Dennis went to work for Bobobie, and the new Abio Angel dolls are made by some of the people from Mythdoll, but I'm not 100% sure on the last one.
    3. Yeah, I ordered form them last year when they were just "really slow." When I disputed the paypal payment a month or two later I got my refund with this response.
      "We haven't taken any order from our website this year. I'm not sure how you paid to this account. Sorry for any inconvenience."
      Lord knows why they don't take down their website. Put up a notice or something. Anything.
    4. that's sad! i've been pretty out of the doll loop for the last year or two and just lately have started paying attention to dollie things again - one of which was their yue! pity.
    5. Yeah, Mythdoll seems to be on an indefinite hiatus. There were several people who ordered dolls from them (including myself) that waited almost 4 months to get our dolls. Before then they were functioning quite well as a company.
      They kept promising us our dolls, then there would be a complete lack of communication, excuses, and several outright lies. There was an almost total lack of communication, and what communication we did get was pretty garbled.
      I ordered my Little Leroi on August 18th, and was promised a week's wait. When he finally came home, it was November the 8th. At that point, I had pretty well given up all hope of seeing either my doll OR my money again. Heck, they still owe me money for a sub-par wig they sent, and sandpaper that they didn't send me. I've written off ever getting reimbursed.
      There was a group of people after our group that waited around 6-8 months for their dolls (I'm not entirely sure. I was pretty disgusted with the company after what we went through.)
      The last official excuse that they gave us was that they had found out that somebody was selling pirated copies of their dolls, and were trying to take action against them.

      From there the company seems to have split up- several of the artist's got angry with the company's treatment of it's customers, and left. Some of them formed their own companies.
      There was Wishel- I'm not sure what happened to this company, which is a shame, seeing as how I think if that company was run well, it could have been very successful. All the custom parts that you could put together to make your own doll was pretty ingenious.
      There's also Abio Angel/Divinity Doll, and Bobobie, run by Dennis. I'd definitely trust Dennis from Bobobie- as far as I've been able to figure out, Dennis was the one that convinced Mythdoll to give us our dolls. I've heard nothing but good things about Dennis.

      Although, a while ago, (Maybe sometime around last Christmas?) Mythdoll announced that they were going to be releasing a new reindeer doll- but after that news post, it was never heard from again.
      Honestly, I don't know why they don't take down their page, put up a notice, or put 'sold out' on the doll's pages. I can't see them starting up that company again- they've really damaged their reputation too much for people to trust them very much anymore.