Mythdoll - wujee Discussion

Apr 21, 2006

    1. pretty much 1usd = 8 chinese dollars. it's low to us because our dollar is worth more then thiers.
    2. My Leroi can do the same thing so, yes, it's normal for these dolls at least. The inner elbow is cut slimmer (not sure how to word it) so it bends a tiny bit more than 90 degrees. Quite a handy feature I might add...

    3. she is very ,very beautiful!!!
    4. =3 She has a beautiful face and from the looks of her, she poses really well too ^^
    5. I wish Leroi would put out a 60 cm BW boy UFK. Though I would hate to split him up to take the body for Luke.

    6. Does anyone have any idea how much shipping would be to the US for this girl? I'm very interested :)
    7. Unstrung


      Originally Posted by
      I read that she'll come in little Leroy's box, and that she's unassembled. Does that mean she needs to be strung?

      That's what I understood from the sad story he posted. He is trying to raise fast funds for his father's medical bills. Still, what a great price.

      Sorry to post to the news section first - I couldn't figure out how to quote to a different forum, especially with my large gray cat blocking the keyboard!
      Sheri, falling swiftly into dolly madness
    8. Akiou: My Little Leroi can do it as well. Like Loki's Mom said, it seems to be at least something that Mydoll's dolls can do. They were probably just trying to show it off in that picture. My Leroi can even touch he face and cross his arms! Pretty cool..

      Sheri: In Leroi's box?! The box my boy came in was tiny! The box was shorter than a doll that's shorter than my Leroi! (If that makes any sense..)
    9. Has anyone any information about the quality of Wujee?
    10. If Wujee is going to be the same quality as Little Leori (and I think she will be!) the quality of the doll is going to be very nice!
    11. Thank you, I hope so.
      I've already ordered her.

      She will be my testing object for stringing. I've never done this before. :ablink: (poor girl)

    12. Hi,
      Did you get your girl yet - and what do you think of her?
    13. I think it takes about a month to get them. Mine took that long at least...

      KlapptNix: Post piccies of your girl when you get her. I don't see enough of the Mythdolls up here...

    14. I'm also waiting for her (so exciting) and yes there is not a lot of Mythdolls photos here. I'll snap a few when she gets here. ^^
    15. I am dying to see a few of their bigger ones too, I have been lusting after Zeber for ages but can't afford him till I get further down my must have list (I was getting him buit had to get Elf Yder instead, Luts keeps mugging me!)
    16. I too am waiting for Wujee. It's been about three weeks now so I hope to she will arrive next week or the following week. I can barely stand the anticipation :...(
    17. I have to admit , if this girl were white resin , I would be all over her
      I just love my Willow
      (Leroi Snow) ...she (mines a she ) is haunting
      Ive just bought her a new outfit (yeah I know I should be ashamed, but Im too busy with tiny and wigs at the momment )
      I cant wait to get some more pictures of her in her new outfit and wig
      and it wont be long before her new enchanted eyes to arrive
      prepare to be spammed:)

      Im wondering would this girl fit in with my white resin girl/girls
    18. I saw this under Wujee's picture today...

      Dear all,

      Thank you for all who gave their concern and support to us at all times. We are really sorry about long time delay. We will try our best to improve this.
      My father recovered very well. Now I can invest all my energy and time on my lovely dolls. Along with my father's recovery, Wujee already fulfilled her mission. So we will not take any orders of her after Jun 30. We thank all the friends who adopt Wujee and wish everyone happy father's day!

      I received mine a few days ago...some pics in the gallery.