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N-Doll Miso and Miru in Urethane

Jul 2, 2008

    1. Here is the discussion thread for Miru and Miso N-Dolls in urethane. I was wondering if the french resin versions have been discontinued?
      I will definitely be ordering a urethane Miso, Ive always wanted one in urethane, although I will be giving up my french resin Miso some time soon now.
    2. Just to let people know of the differences between the french resin and urethane versions. I have recently sold my french resin Miso and recieved my urethane Miso.
      The urethane is pinky white but is extremely white and has an amazing tooth to it, I think I will be sanding some of it down, alot of the seams came to me sanded very well.
      There are extra lips on her thighs so she sits alot better and in general she is strung fantastically.
      I also have wondered if the holes on the ball joints in her arm pits are larger? This is something that seems different.
      Unfortunately I did not get to compare them both side by side as I sold french resin Miso a few days before urethane came.
      As a review I did not like the face up she came with although it looked great on the site, but of course this is my opinion, I have since modified her to what I prefer and Im very happy with her :)
      Has anyone else recieved their Miso and Miru yet?
    3. bumping this old thread....

      Where is the N-dolls on the net, cant find them - are they closed down ?

      I was looking for Miru and Miso in the "new resin" type.
    4. I'm looking for Miru and Miso too... I don't know what happened to the store, but I really like these dolls, hope they didn't closed =/
    5. last i heared the artist that made these was having some life issues...im not sure exactly what but it was said she was going to reopen slowly...but i havent seen anything and its been a couple years...which is sad i wanted these girls so bad..it looks like this company is gone though