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Feb 26, 2006

    1. Here's another new doll company ^-^
      There are two girls under n-sona catagory, Miso and Miru. They're both 41cm tall.
      Miso:(means smile :])[​IMG]
      They have gorgeous body style similar to those companies like Unoa, Narae, and many others <3
      All I know about the artist is that she first started out with only the heads, and they were supposed to be fit on Narae body~ But now I see that she has her own body :]
      Type A: 410,000won, includes doll, 12mm glass eyes, w004 wig, box, blankets, and receipt.
      Type B: 375,000won, includes all the stuff mentioned above except wigs and eyes.

      Omg... Why do everyone keep coming up with gorgeous mini sized girls x.X I can't resist!!!
    2. How much is a doll? and do they say how you can order them? too bad it's all in Korean.. I tried babelfish and like always... it's baaad..
    3. ps: does anyone find a price for them? or availability?
    4. It looks like they're 410,000 won with wig, eyes, etc. and 375,000 won without.
    5. Yup that's right, ExquisiteCorpse.
      You can order them on the 'order' section.
    6. Ahh sorry I didn't mention the price >_<
      I just added it and the stuff that it includes on the first thread.

      You can order the dolls on the 'order' catagory, but I'm not sure if the artist speaks good English or not... o_O
    7. I posted a question on their site asking if they were able to accept orders from the U.S.

      The answer:

      sorry. The international orders to use the next. Thank you.

      So, it looks like they don't take international orders at this time but maybe eventually? Not quite sure what they mean beyond sorry.
    8. Has anyone figured out if they take international orders now? Also, if anyone can tell me if they're French resin or not (kindof look it, but I have no clue XD)?
    9. I checked yesterday and there was an english message saying you could order by writing on the board! It also said they are made of french resin! :D

      Edit :Well "Urethane from France" is what it says...
    10. :o

      Here's the direct link:

      N-Doll English Order Notice

      I wonder if they take PayPal? Oh man, this is bad >O< But it seems they only have the version with the eyes and wig etc. although they did have another type of set without eyes/wig and cheaper?

      EDIT: Apparently they removed the link?! >O<
    11. I know, they advertise two prices in Korean : 410 000 and 375 000 won, so that's roughly 430 and 392 US$ . I wonder why it's not the same for international customers... Maybe the price from the english page includes shipping and the others dont? And perhaps you can tell them you dont need eyes or a wig and they'll adjust the price? Thanks for postin the link! i couldnt figure out how...
    12. The price is $480. It seems steep for a mini size even if it is made of french resin.
    13. Ok, I'm going to post this, does this sound clear?

      'Hello N-Doll,
      International people want to know,
      can we get N-Doll with no wig and eyes so it is cheaper? Also, how do we pay remittance? Bank transfer or PayPal? Thank you so much, Miso and Miru are lovely~'

      Not sure about the remittance part O_o Also, they have two boards, one BBS and one Order board, I think I'll be posting on BBS? O_o

    14. Could you also ask about shipping? XD Remittance sounds good, though if you're not sure, go with the simplest way just in case they use some crapy translating thingie and end up wondering why you're insulting their grandma...
    15. I posted, here is the link! XD

      (Could ya tell I've never done this before, and I'm about dying since I saw Miso today! :D)

      N-Doll Questions BBS Post

      EDIT: I also changed the post because I forgot to ask about faceup, and whether it was included etc.
    16. Good job! And Miso is adorable! &#9829; I've had her picture on my wall ever since I found out about n-sona! XD I can't wait to see owner pictures! (I wont get mine for a while...)
    17. New Information: They removed the English Order Notice?! Maybe they changed their minds? O_o
    18. New Information: I got a reply from n-doll....:

      I have no plan to sell for international owner yet, I'll write on notice board, when I ready to sell internatinally.
      Thank you for interesting on my n-doll.

      Er.... Didn't they JUST have a post for selling them and take it down when I posted a message? And didn't they reply to someone's past message about selling them internationally? >O<